Feels Like Christmas

“Christmas Time is HERE!!!”
Well snow is here anyway, and that makes everything really christmasy anyway.
Mirah is now big enough to really enjoy the snow.
I mean, this was her last year:

First attempts this year:

This video really is a fun example of how much we talk. She really tries to tell me what is going on. 

Another fun thing…
The Qualtircs Christmas PARTY!!

It was an all white party. I know it sounds kind of racist. But, it was about dressing up in white. Some people did it as normally as they could. Like us.

Really most people did.
There were some people that were being weird about it. Like the guy that came in a full ninja suit with his wife who came in her wedding dress.

Dinner was sooo good. Lots of mashed potatoes and brisket for me!

The entertainment was this piano duo called Piano’s on Main, doing Dueling Pianos. It was a game, with red and green cards and they were on a spinning platform. It was hilarious, and really fun. 

It was fun to see some of the end of the year stats on the company.
Like these about their food consumption:
This years addition of 100% health insurance coverage. SO happy about that. 
Amoung an additional 150 employees this year, record breaking growth and sales, they also earned some awards:
Karl left with a new backpack, windbreaker, sweet hoodie and beanie. 
Mirah is getting so big. She LOVES meat. 
Here we are watching the LDS First Presidency Christmas Devotional. 
It was a seriously wonderful broadcast. If you missed it, watch it. 
If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, my favorite talk was this one. 
Monday night we headed over to Temple Square to see the lights!
Mirah LOVED it, despite the FREEZING cold.

Inside at last we waited in line to go up and see the Christus. 
Unbundled, scratching noses. 
A 20 minute wait later…
Worth it.
After seeing the lights, we were so close…we had to stop in on Cameron, Kelly and Sloan.
Oh sweet little boy, I love you.
Getting so big, but still so tiny!
We had been watching Christmas movies like Nora’s Christmas, and A Christmas Story. We have been excitedly watching our favorite Christmas Episodes, like Benihana Christmas from the Office and Afternoon Delight from Arrested development. It such a fun time of year!
I made all my Christmas Candy and we are all but done Christmas shopping. I feel so blessed this year. My little Lady Mirah, and of course my wonderful husband Karl make everything so much fun. So many fun things coming up this next week. I can’t wait!

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