Thanksgiving day!

Karl, Mirah and I headed up to Logan for Thanksgiving. 
Karl’s parents were there too of course along with loads of the Barney extended family. We met up and Greg and Shirlene’s place. A home away from home for us if ever there was one. 
It is a very kids friendly place too. Lots of toys and fun for little Lady. 
 Unfortunately for her, nap time came before we did this fun food craft.
 Barney cousins together!
Karl, Adam Matthews, Chase Hicken, Chelsea Hicken Moore, and Brent Matthews.
Adam and Brent are Aunt Kathy Baney Matthews boys. Two of her 8 boys. A family of all boys. 
Brent was there with his cute wife Natalie and there 4 kids. Chelsea has two boys who have been on the blog before. Chase’s little girl is just a couple months younger than Mirah. The kids are becoming the grown ups.
 The craft:
 Important work was going on too. 
Our contribution to the feast:
 Brents youngest Mariah (it got confusing) and little Ezra being soft.
 Chase carving the turkey.
Shirlene, Greg, and Chase with the bird.
Andy and Mom. 
 Yeon Mi Hicken, Chase’s wife with the lovely little Brooklynn. SO CUTE.
 Playing with uncle Adam.
 Our card, the first one of the season. In a prime spot!
 The attending Matthews family. 
Brent, Uncle Richard, Aunt Kathy and Adam.
Loving Mama!

The kids table. 

 Mirah LOVES grandpa Barney. 
He told her, “I am your GREAT Grandpa!

Great grandma loved on her too.
 Mirah missed dinner while napping, but she still got to partake. 
There were tons of leftovers. 
Including over a TRAY of twice baked potatoes. Yes these are the left overs, but there was another whole tray. 
A late arrival to dinner: 
An AMAZING smoked turkey.  
Then there was the pie.
Home made apple, from scratch pumpkin, chocolate in the Matthews tradition, key lime and lemon merengue.  
 Between dinner and pie, Mirah played and we were quickly able to get a few pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. 

 Then there was the pie…Mirah loved the pie.

 Everyone else did too. 

 Brooklynn found grandma’s nose.

 Abigail and Brookie reading together. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Barney and their girls. 

 The evening went on and this happened. 
It was just nice to be together as a family. 

We left and got home in time to get Lady in bed.
Happy thanksgiving. 
Thanks to the Hickens and everyone else for a super fun day.  
Things I am grateful for today:
Mirah and Karl. 
Immediate and Extended family.
A good car that helped us travel
An ipad that entertained Mirah on the trip.

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