Family are SCUM ;-)

The holidays are a special time. Family makes them more special. 
Karl’s mom and dad rolled into town on Tuesday and the fun hasn’t stopped since. 
Mirah has loved it probably most of all. 
Mom and Dad babysat Lady for us so we could go to the temple of Tuesday night. For the first time since Mirah was born stay the night at our place which was awesome because it meant that after we got home from the temple we could stay up and play games together. 
I had them teach me Hearts. There is a Hite family anecdote that Dad wanted at least 3 kids so that he would have enough people to play Hearts.  🙂 Ever since I heard that story I have really wanted to learn. Karl had played before but it had been a really long time. Also, I learned it was a game that was played with Malia, Craig, and Betsy mostly. 
It was tricky, a little violent (I ended up pushed karl over in his chair), and a whole lot of fun. We played eight rounds and then we played Robo Ralley. To bed quite late, and up early with Mirah. 
We spent Wednesday Christmas shopping and hanging out. 
Mirah was having a ton of fun with her grandparents. 
Here Mirah brought a book to Grandma and asked her to read it . 

That evening we headed over to Nitsy’s house. We had a delcious dinner of homemade Mac n Cheese, pork chops and salad. After dinner we put the kids down and played SCUM.
Scum is actually a game that the Barney family loves to play together, but again it had been years since anyone had played it. So Dad and I spent part of the day looking up and writing a list of HITE FAMILY RULES FOR SCUM. 
It is a too complicated to get into every thing, but for the sake of explanation of pictures you just need to know this:
There is a President: Head of the table in a Thanksgiving bonnet
There is a VP: to the right of the President also in a bonnet.
There is the SCUM: In a little cowboy hat, to the left of the president, there to do his bidding and be the lowest of the low.
Here I am, as scum.
 Besty as VP and Karl as President. 
 We all had big soda’s from Sodalicious. 
 Mom and Dad seemed happy to be with the kids.
 I was the scum for a while. Once you are scum, it can be really hard to get out. 
But i tried to keep a good attitude about it.
 Once you are out however, it can be really great.

It was a really great night. 

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