Oregon on the Coast Day One: Kites and Crabs

Once we were settled in the Raynes’ house in Waldport, we headed straight out to the beach. The kids have been working really hard since school got out to earn their pins and get their next reward.


IMG_7639.JPG IMG_7640.JPG

Malia told us that New Port is a big kiting area, so we were excited to get the kids out with their new kites.

So while Leah stayed back and worked on dinner, we headed to short distance to the water. Branny lead the way.

IMG_7641.JPG IMG_7642.JPG


The wind was insane that day.


We set out stuff down behind a log, as the sand on the shore stung our skin.

We made the best of it, and with little effort we got the kites in the air. Branny and Mirah had a blast with the unicorn.

IMG_7645.JPG IMG_7646.JPG IMG_7643.JPG
IMG_7647.JPG IMG_7648.JPG IMG_7650.JPG

It was very windy, but so beautiful.

IMG_7652.JPG IMG_7653.JPG IMG_7654.JPG


I mean look at the rocks on the shore!

IMG_7655.JPG IMG_7656.JPG IMG_7657.JPG


Then came the dragon!!

IMG_7658.JPG IMG_7660.JPG IMG_7661.JPG

Luke’s kite was so cool, he and Karl were having a blast.

IMG_7665.JPG IMG_7664-EFFECTS.jpg
IMG_7662.JPG IMG_7663.JPG



IMG_7667.JPG IMG_7668.JPG
IMG_7669.JPG IMG_7670.JPG

We were really struggling with the wind, so we ended up going in faster than we meant to. There were wild strawberries on the beach, it was just so magical.

IMG_7671.JPG IMG_7672.JPG IMG_7673.JPG


IMG_7677.JPG IMG_7678.JPG


IMG_7681.JPG IMG_7682.JPG

We got back to the house, and Momo found his new best friend.

IMG_7684.JPG IMG_7685.JPG IMG_7686.JPG IMG_7688.JPG

It was a nice Sunday afternoon. Leah had made dinner, and Karl worked on a puzzle.

IMG_7689.JPG IMG_7690.JPG





Dinner was to be Carniatas, but it was taking a little while longer than we thought, so we headed out to look around.
It was crabbing season, and when we got out to the docks, we saw people pulling their pots out of the water, and so we went over and took a closer look.

IMG_7699.JPG IMG_7700.JPG


This gut got a few, but while he was measuring his haul, he got a pretty bad pinch on his finger, so bad he BLED!

IMG_7702.JPG IMG_7703.JPG
IMG_7704.JPG IMG_7707.JPG

Sweet Leah, she took the time to show the kids one of the little guys up close.

IMG_7708.JPG IMG_7709.JPG


Then she and Lucas threw him back together.

IMG_7712.JPG IMG_7714.JPG IMG_7715.JPG

Dinner was increadble, the kids were in bed a little late, and we all stayed up talking, listening to the ocean and laughing.

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