Oregon on the Beach Day One: Getting There

Well, we were packed up, and on the road!

The first day of the drive was mostly uneventful. Until the undercarriage cover of the car came off, and we had to stop to take it off.

IMG_7588.JPG IMG_7592.JPG

We stopped for dinner in Boise, and were in Oregon before it got dark.


We arrived at the hotel in Burns around midnight. The kiddos were asleep.

IMG_7600.JPG IMG_7598.JPG IMG_7599.JPG

Sweet Lucas never really stirred. 🙂


The kids were up with the light, and so were we.  We were off again first thing.


We were hungry for some breakfast so we made a quick stop at the Black Bear Diner after getting some gas.

IMG_7613.JPG IMG_7616.JPG
IMG_7614.JPG IMG_7615.JPG

After a little while we were through Bend and Sisters which reminded us so much of our trip a couple of years ago:

D57CEB77-3823-43B1-9151-EFB3366069FF-3080-00000279FEDA5D92.jpg 7BA747E2-1E1E-43D1-BCD3-F1B7D4138574-3080-00000279206479C7.jpg 4489D846-08B5-4971-B94A-858877B86005-3080-000002799B58E502.jpg 0C8AF24F-97C7-48BD-9050-71E853A62A2D-3080-0000027983716621.jpg
D4C3F2B7-A50D-48DE-90BD-FFD4E6E28734-3080-00000279676B7B21.jpg 54C9B43A-272C-44B2-A3D4-0A473DF67409-3080-000002797A0B2A94.jpg E4F55788-F298-404D-B5D9-D52254C4B3E2-3080-00000279DF00ECE2.jpg F27993EA-0060-4685-8544-83E71DF354A2-3080-000002798A0AC5AD.jpg

Lovely Oregon! The day was cool, the trees were lovely, and the drive was much lovelier than all that dry desert before.

IMG_7618.JPG IMG_7623.JPG IMG_7620.JPG

There were late spring flowers blooming everywhere!

IMG_7624.JPG IMG_7628.JPG IMG_7626.JPG

Before we knew it we were in Waldport with Branny and Leah! And MOMO!!!

IMG_7633.JPG IMG_7634.JPG
IMG_7638.JPG IMG_7637.JPG







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