Oregon on the Coast Day Two: The Devil’s Punch Bowl

After a fantastic breakfast and morning at the beach house, we left BRIGHT and mid morning for the devils punch bowl. Leah had been checking out the tide schedule, and so we made it a couple hours before that days LOWEST tide, so we could really get a good look at the tide pools and the Devil’s Punch Bowl.


(Flash forward: We made it all the way down!)


BUT before all of that, Leah and Branny took us top side to get a beautiful view!

IMG_7750.JPG IMG_7755.JPG IMG_7756.JPG
IMG_7757.JPG IMG_7754.JPG IMG_7753.JPG

Leah took this one of us!

IMG_7758.JPG IMG_7761.JPG IMG_7760.JPG

The walk down to the beach was a little bit of a walk away from the top. So we re-parked, took a bathroom break, and walked down.

IMG_7762.JPG IMG_7763.JPG IMG_7764.JPG


We stopped at the trail head, and Leah took a minute to show the kids the kind of sea life that we might meet in the tide pools.

IMG_7766.JPG IMG_7770.JPG

Branny and Me.

IMG_7768.JPG IMG_7769.JPG

Then we headed down toward the beach.

IMG_7771.JPG IMG_7774.JPG

We stopped at another overlook, so beautiful.


IMG_7776.JPG IMG_7777.JPG
IMG_7778.JPG IMG_7780.JPG
IMG_7782.JPG IMG_7783.JPG


IMG_7785.JPG IMG_7784.JPG
IMG_7786.JPG IMG_7787.JPG
IMG_7788.JPG IMG_7789.JPG
IMG_7791.JPG IMG_7790.JPG

On the beach the kids were SO excited to check out the tide pools.

IMG_7796.JPG IMG_7797.JPG

Haha Lucas.

IMG_7798.JPG IMG_7799.JPG



The kids boots were filled with water almost imidiatly. We had dry clothes and shoes in the car, anticipating all of this.

IMG_7802.JPG IMG_7803.JPG IMG_7805.JPG
IMG_7806.JPG IMG_7807.JPG IMG_7809.JPG
IMG_7810.JPG IMG_7811.JPG IMG_7812.JPG

Sea anemones!

IMG_7813.JPG IMG_7814.JPG IMG_7815.JPG
IMG_7816.JPG IMG_7818.JPG IMG_7825.JPG
IMG_7823.JPG IMG_7820.JPG IMG_7824.JPG

Leah and Branny are the best, we were having so much fun! Look at cute Mo Mo all wet!

IMG_7827.JPG IMG_7828.JPG IMG_7829.JPG

Lucas with his best buddy Branny.

IMG_7833.JPG IMG_7834.JPG IMG_7835.JPG

We came around a point of beach, where it was even quieter, and we saw…


Seals!! Right on the beach! (The lady in the picture was getting WAY too close.)

IMG_20190610_114124.jpg IMG_20190610_114127.jpg
IMG_20190610_114126.jpg IMG_20190610_114128.jpg

Mirah’s favorite animal is a seal, so she was SO excited. We stood and watched them there for a while. Good thing Branny and Leah brought binoculars.

IMG_7844.JPG IMG_7845.JPG
IMG_7846.JPG IMG_7846-EFFECTS.jpg

This part of the beach was just lovely.

IMG_7847.JPG IMG_7847-EFFECTS.jpg

Meanwhile behind us, Leah found a dead sea urchin and was showing it to Lucas and Mo mo.

IMG_7838.JPG IMG_7840.JPG IMG_7841.JPG
IMG_7842.JPG IMG_7843.JPG


Moving right along.


We did some agate hunting and rock hounding.

IMG_7849.JPG IMG_7850.JPG


IMG_7851.JPG IMG_7852.JPG
IMG_7854.JPG IMG_7854-EFFECTS.jpg

On the furthest side on the beach was a lovely waterfall.

IMG_7853.JPG IMG_7855.JPG IMG_7856.JPG
IMG_7857.JPG IMG_7858.JPG IMG_7859.JPG
IMG_7860.JPG IMG_7855-ANIMATION.gif IMG_7862.JPG

We were just wondering around, when suddenly…


What is that?

IMG_7864.JPG IMG_7865.JPG
IMG_7866.JPG IMG_7867.JPG

Yep baby seals!! There were three, but I wasn’t able to get a LONG look at them because I was in charge of the kids, who were excited, but nervous to be so close to the babies. One of them was just so cute. It kept rolling around over and over, all while facing us.


We looked at the clock and it was just about low tide. So we headed over to the punch bowl.

IMG_7869.JPG IMG_7871.JPG

Slowly. Just taking our time.

IMG_7873.JPG IMG_7874.JPG IMG_7875.JPG




IMG_7880.JPG IMG_7881.JPG IMG_7882.JPG

When we did get there, we were not alone.

IMG_7885.JPG IMG_7886.JPG
IMG_7887.JPG IMG_7888-EFFECTS.jpg

It was seriously beautiful.

IMG_7891.JPG IMG_7895.JPG


IMG_7897.JPG IMG_7899.JPG




IMG_7910.JPG IMG_7911.JPG IMG_7912.JPG

The ground was so rocky and uneven that it was really hard to stay together. Karl was with Lucas, Branny was with Mirah, Leah hung back with Mo, and I was on my own.

IMG_7900.JPG IMG_7902.JPG

It was really windy in there.

IMG_7907.JPG IMG_7921.JPG

Karl was able to get some REALLY cute pictures of himself and Lucas.

IMG_7929.JPG IMG_7928.JPG
IMG_20190610_123307.jpg IMG_20190610_123319.jpg
IMG_20190610_123320.jpg IMG_20190610_123326.jpg

VID_20190610_123500.mp4 IMG_20190610_123530.jpg



IMG_20190610_123509.jpg IMG_20190610_123511.jpg
IMG_20190610_123606.jpg IMG_20190610_123610.jpg IMG_20190610_123616.jpg

A few I took from my angle:

IMG_7915.JPG IMG_7917.JPG
IMG_7918.JPG IMG_7919.JPG
IMG_7922.JPG IMG_7923.JPG

Branny was able to snap this one of us.


Trying to get closer, I caught these guys:


IMG_20190610_123913.jpg IMG_20190610_123918.jpg IMG_20190610_123919.jpg
IMG_20190610_123922.jpg IMG_20190610_123930.jpg IMG_20190610_123933.jpg



IMG_20190610_124038.jpg IMG_20190610_124039.jpg IMG_20190610_124044.jpg


IMG_7943.JPG IMG_7944.JPG IMG_7945.JPG
IMG_7947.JPG IMG_7948.JPG IMG_7946.JPG
IMG_7950.JPG IMG_7949.JPG IMG_7946-ANIMATION.gif






IMG_7955.JPG IMG_7956.JPG

We went over to the sea wall. and there were some beautiful star fish, and sea stars, and Sea anemones.

IMG_7958.JPG IMG_7964.JPG IMG_7961.JPG


IMG_7966.JPG IMG_7968.JPG

And crabs!


We were all beat, and ready for some lunch.


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