Oregon on the Coast Day Two: After the Tide Pools Pizza Night!

We had planned on lunch after all that fun in the sun, but everyone was too tired! We stopped at a place called, Flippin’ Chicken but Lucas couldn’t wake up!

IMG_7971.JPG IMG_7972.JPG


Neither could Branny!

IMG_7973.JPG IMG_7974.JPG
IMG_7976.JPG IMG_7975.JPG

So we went and grabbed something in a drive through, and headed back to the beach house. Where we all either fell asleep or watched tablets, you guess who did what.

IMG_7977.JPG IMG_7978.JPG

Dinner was home made pizza!!

IMG_7980.JPG IMG_7981.JPG IMG_7982.JPG IMG_7983.JPG
IMG_7984.JPG IMG_7985.JPG IMG_7986.JPG IMG_7987.JPG

The pizza flavor of the night, Jalapeno, Pineapple, and pepperoni.

And we tried so many different flavors. Most everyone made by Leah, some by Karl.

IMG_7994.JPG IMG_7995.JPG

While we waited for pizza to bake, Lucas played with his new BFF Mo!

IMG_7988.JPG IMG_7989.JPG


Pizza time!

IMG_7990.JPG IMG_7991.JPG
IMG_7992.JPG IMG_7993.JPG

After dinner, ICE CREAM! Compliments of Ron of course.

IMG_7996.JPG IMG_7997.JPG IMG_7998.JPG


We spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing.



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