Oregon Coast Day Three: Hatfield Science Center, Lunch and The Docks

After the light house our next stop was the Hatfield Science Center.

IMG_8096.JPG IMG_8097.JPG
IMG_8098.JPG IMG_8099.JPG

Before we went in, we checked out the yellow submarine.


IMG_8101.JPG IMG_8100.JPG
IMG_8102.JPG IMG_8103.JPG


This wonderful place had tons of hands on experiences for us to enjoy. Like this incredible touch tank.

IMG_8104.JPG IMG_8105.JPG
IMG_8106.JPG IMG_8107.JPG

Those star fish are holding hands. 🙂 Look at those bright green anemones and you can see the bright orange sea cucumbers too!

IMG_8111.JPG IMG_8112.JPG

Sea Urchins are SO cool, they hug your finger with their spikes when you touch them.

IMG_8113.JPG IMG_8114.JPG

The star fish were HUGE!

After all of that, we went forward and did some interactive stuff.


They had a whole exhibit about the sea lions and harbor seals. Mirah was THRILLED, and asked to get her picture taken with the murals.

IMG_8115.JPG IMG_8116.JPG
IMG_8117.JPG IMG_8118.JPG


There was a few baby sting rays. I love then so much, the light was so inside looking.

IMG_8119.JPG IMG_8120.JPG


These little sea grass guys.

IMG_8133.JPG IMG_8135.JPG


The last animal we got to see was this octopus, who only had seven legs. He was hypnotic to watch.

IMG_8121.JPG IMG_8132.JPG IMG_8123.JPG
IMG_8125.JPG IMG_8128.JPG IMG_8130.JPG

Ocean hat.

IMG_8136.JPG IMG_8137.JPG
IMG_8139.JPG IMG_8140.JPG


After the Science Center, we went to the New Port Cafe.


The grown ups all got the fish and chips, Mirah got a soup and salad, Lucas insisted on the stuffed french toast, and refused to eat it.

IMG_8143.JPG IMG_8144.JPG IMG_8145.JPG IMG_8146.JPG
IMG_8147.JPG IMG_8148.JPG IMG_8150.JPG IMG_8151.JPG

These cuties.





After lunch we went to the old town area of New Port, and checked out the sea lions.

IMG_8154.JPG IMG_8156.JPG IMG_8155.JPG


IMG_20190611_145050.jpg IMG_20190611_145053.jpg


IMG_8157.JPG IMG_8158.JPG
IMG_8159.JPG IMG_8160.JPG


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