Oregon Coast Day Three: Breakfast and a Light House

What happens when you add one cute dogie:IMG_8006.JPG

And a cute 3 year on in socks and a slippery floor?


IMG_8001.JPG IMG_8002.JPG

Yep a little black eye, just in time for wedding and family photos. Worth it.


We had been eating pretty heavy, so we tried to do a light breakfast of toast and fruit. But Branny and Leah made it FANCY. Look at all of those jams and jellies. Not to mention the bread that Branny picked up at the Eugene Saturday market.



We set out to see the Yaquina Head Light House!!

IMG_8011.JPG IMG_8013.JPG IMG_8012.JPG

We were heading up to give the old building a closer look, the got lost looking out at the water. There were a group of seals sunning on the rocks. There was a mom and baby seal trying to get to a place to rest, but couldn’t get up on the big rock, then kept getting washed off when they finally go up on a little rock…it was so cute and beautiful!


We brought four sets of binoculars. So we could watch the whole thing nice and close!

IMG_8015.JPG IMG_8016.JPG
IMG_8017.JPG IMG_8018.JPG



I love the way Lucas Dabs.

IMG_8019.JPG IMG_8020.JPG
IMG_8042.JPG IMG_8043.JPG

The Pipkin-Hites.

IMG_8045.JPG IMG_8046.JPG IMG_8045-EFFECTS.jpg
IMG_8050.JPG IMG_8048.JPG IMG_8049.JPG

It was SUCH a beautiful day.

IMG_8052.JPG IMG_8051.JPG IMG_8053.JPG


IMG_8054.JPG IMG_8054-EFFECTS.jpg


IMG_8055.JPG IMG_8056.JPG IMG_8057.JPG

Lets go in! JK, we didn’t get tickets.



But we did go to the visitors center.



SUCH a cool museum.

IMG_8060.JPG IMG_8061.JPG


They had lots of fun stuff to do. Like this period dress up photo booth.


IMG_8062.JPG IMG_8063.JPG
IMG_8064.JPG IMG_8065.JPG

Mirah could be in Avenly.

IMG_8066.JPG IMG_8067.JPG

Looking good Branny.


Making it look good Karl.

IMG_8069.JPG IMG_8071.JPG
IMG_8070.JPG IMG_8072.JPG


A couple of…I don’t know what. 😉

IMG_8074.JPG IMG_8075.JPG

They had a station where you could make buttons for free!

IMG_8076.JPG IMG_8077.JPG
IMG_8078.JPG IMG_8079.JPG


After all making buttons, we finally headed over to museum part of the visitors center. Where there was a super cool Light House light reproduction.

IMG_8080.JPG IMG_8081.JPG

There are lots of animals that live around the lighthouse. Including whales. They had a bunch of bones. Whales are HUGE.

IMG_8083.JPG IMG_8084.JPG IMG_8092.JPG
IMG_8088.JPG IMG_8089.JPG

And Harbor Seals. My little seal lady.

IMG_8085.JPG IMG_8090.JPG IMG_8087.JPG

Try to head out with these people was IMPOSSIBLE when they found some new toys.

IMG_8094.JPG IMG_8095.JPG

Such a fun place.

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