Dia De Los Muertos

So in the past we have kept our celebration at home. It usually revolved around a craft and food. 
I saw this event on the Utah Valley Calendar. 
We got excited and headed over to thanksgiving point to try something new.
Something fun greeted us at the door.
We walked in and the air was full of music and excitement.
The Mexican culture and music feels like home to me. 
Bright colors were hanging everywhere.
Then there were these guys!
And this lovely lady.
After looking around we sat down at the first activity:
Home made sugar skull masks.
The folk dancing continued through out our time at the event. It was really fun. It kind of made the event for me. It made the day for me. 

Our next activity was making paper flowers. A really simple and fun craft. Something I will add to all of our Dia De Los Muertos celebrations in the future. 
Ran into these guys again.
We checked out he family altar’s next.
Real SUGAR skulls. Mexican sweet bread, mole, and apparently marigolds are a traditional flower used to celebrate the day. 
These cool tissue arts are seriously awesome. 
Smoking on a bike. 
I really want to figure out the process the go through to make these.
They also had some really cool face painting
The problem is that they had two people doing it, and they were taking FOREVER with each person. We waited for 20 minutes and when the line didn’t move, and with the realization that not only the kids were getting their faces painted but adults too…we tapped out. 
Again, it did give us ideas for next year.
There were also a few art exhibits.
Joseph Smith meets Catholic monks. 
The artists showed us what he had done. 
He explained that Catholicism and Mormonism are better together. 🙂
Sugar Skull construction kits.
Crafts for sale.
At this point another set of dancers got on stage and Mirah was just LOVING it.
There was a table with a group of children selling Mexican treats. I couldn’t resist.
A little while later we headed back towards Orem.
We stopped at our favorite Mexican place for dinner, Maria Bonitas.
Bath, books, bed.

If nothing else, this event gave us some phenomenal ideas for stuff to do at home next year.
Good day, good times.
Tomorrow we are planning on going to see Ender’s Game and Babysitting the boys. I think that we might have to stop for some Mexican Bone bread and Abolita’s hot chocolate.
Technically the holiday is the 1st and the 2nd of November. 

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