Happy Halloween!

Today has been a fun day for us. 
Mirah woke up in a destructive mood. 3 diapers in 2 hours, 2 poopies. 
While checking a tenant out she put her doll in the toilet. She also tried to repeatedly brush her teeth with the tooth brush that they had used to deep clean the apartment. 
We eventually met up with Karl for the Qualtrics Halloween party. 
 This is Jon. His costume is called Portable Party, I thin. Yeah, those are stop lights.
 My favorite of the party.
 Our friends from our old ward Jessie and Cammie Plumb.
 Then there were these two.
 After trick or treating and taking some pics, we headed home to regroup.
On the phone with Krysta, getting our schedules coordinated.
 Mirah was in a silly mood.
 We did some playing around before we set out.
 Mirah wanted to play in the leaves.

 Animated gif, with a present in the background. 
The plan was to meet up with the Whitmores for dinner at 5 guys, but we went Trick or Treating at the mall first!
 Mirah never wanted to run in the correct direction.
 This Duck Dynasty jeweler said he loved our costume. “The Best combo of the night!”
 I think this is an appropriate place to say that I was going for a Fox Hunter like this:
Unfortunatly, a week after I bought the costume this happened:
So all the way through the mall peeople kept yelling, “what does the fox say” at us.

At one point we got seperated and Karl started absentmindedly following these people:

A baby pumpkin and a superman.
He figured it out and we headed over to 5 Guys.
We were met by Hawk Girl herself!!!
Just incase you don’t know Hawk Girl:
Krysta did an AMAZING job!!! As USUAL!
We went in and order. 
The girls had a good time together as we all sat around and talked.
 Mirah love Karen.
Some up close looks at Her costume.
The flash obscures the fact that the knobs light up!
Duct tape shoe covers.
More playing by the ladies.

For some unknown reason Mirah began crawling around and howling. 

That picture Karen was asking for.
More running around with dad.
Our sweet friend Camille Jone dropped by a little set of gifts for Mirah the other day and we saved this glow stick wand for Halloween.
She of course loved it.
With the end of Halloween, for us meant an end of treats until Thanksgiving. 
So, we endulged oursleves with a couple last treats.
A Cinnabon.
And some ice cream…
We shared them…and we both feel like death.

We got home and ACTUALLY had some trick or treaters.
Super fun day.
Happy Halloween!

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