Oregon Coast Day Four: Crab Boil and Farewells

On our way out of town, we stopped at a roadside crab shack for lunch.


So we got in line. OH the smell of steamy fishy-BARF.

IMG_8425.JPG IMG_8426.JPG IMG_8429.JPG

It was a BIT pricey, but TOTALLY worth it!

IMG_8434.JPG IMG_8437.JPG
IMG_8436.JPG IMG_8435.JPG

Fresh sea food!



We placed our order, and Leah got drinks. (She got me a GIGANTIC can of Coke Zero)

IMG_8440.JPG IMG_8442.JPG

Waiting in the sun.

But don’t worry, the kids kept busy, with making art with napkins water cups rocks and anything else they could find in a 15 foot radius from the table.


IMG_8444.JPG IMG_8445.JPG

They even found a cap from a beer bottle that Branny said was their favorite local brew in Eugene.


Karl was hungry, since he had been eating. Yes, that is our life right now. Karl talking about not eating.

IMG_8447.JPG IMG_8461.JPG

We reminisced about the times we had over the past few days, and all agreed it had been pretty wonderful and chill.

Oh my  baby brother. I love him so much. There are really only a handful of people in my life that make me feel safe and calm, and Branny has ALWAYS been one of them. It was SO wonderful to be together. I love him so much.

IMG_8449.JPG IMG_8459.JPG
IMG_8458.JPG IMG_8454.JPG

Can I just take this moment to say, I love this girl! She is so kind, and generous and funny, and fun, and smart and thoughtful, and I could go on. She did so much and worked so hard to make the whole trip incredible. Thanks Leah.



The crab came.

IMG_8474.JPG IMG_8473.JPG IMG_8475.JPG


Karl had a shrimp burger. VERY good.

IMG_8477.JPG IMG_8478.JPG

No one liked the crab more than Lucas.

IMG_8480.JPG IMG_8481.JPG

Like every picture below, he is trying to get more.

IMG_8482.JPG IMG_8484.JPG
IMG_8486.JPG IMG_8488.JPG

Even Leah didn’t get as much as she wanted because every time she would painstakingly get some crab meat out of a leg or a claw, get it buttered and ready to eat, this little boys would grab it and eat it for himself.

The last thing…

Leah and Branny gave the kids Waldport t-shirts.

IMG_8490.JPG IMG_8492.JPG
IMG_8491.JPG IMG_8493.JPG

Hugs goodbye.

IMG_8495.JPG IMG_8496.JPG IMG_8497.JPG
IMG_8498.JPG IMG_8499.JPG IMG_8500.JPG

It was such an incredible trip. I love these two so much. We had just the absolute best time.

So we were off. Headed to Portland and the Castle, and the wedding, and a million other crazy little kids. All of which were the opposite of everything we just experienced. But i’m getting ahead of myself.

We got on the road around 2, and drove through traffic into the city. It was Friday rush hour as we approached Portland, so google was directing us all the different ways to get to the Air BnB. We got stuck behind a WIDE LOAD house for about 20 minutes, and we slowly realized that when we were only 5 MILES from our destination, and we still had 25 minutes to go-Portland sucks. 🙂 We did make it though. Safe and sound. Happy to be with more family.

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