Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Bridal Party

Bright and early Thursday morning, all the kids were up! The place we were staying (Pictures coming) had a room or a wing or an area for all of us. Zach Hite, Karl, and Pappy Jimbo were left at home to be in charge of the children. While Me, Danielle, Betsy Malia, and Lynnelle headed out to Brunch and Mani Pedis with the whole Bridal party.

The Landy and Sean wedding events had begun!


Danielle, me and Betsy in the back of Malia’s renal car.

Brunch was at a Portland downtown institution: Mothers.


We arrived and met several of Landy’s good friends and the bride was fashionably late.

She arrived in her “wedding dress” (meaning the dress she made for her wedding events) and was quick to show us how cool it was. It was made from fabric she bought while in Hawaii last year. The flowers were called Wedding Hibiscus’s so the print was very appropriate.

IMG_8507.JPG IMG_8505.JPG IMG_8506.JPG

When our server, Howard, found out we were a bridal party, he was thrilled and brought the bride some stuffed french toast on the spot. I think she was pretty thrilled about that.

IMG_8503.JPG IMG_8504.JPG

While we were waiting for the last of the guests to arrive, there was a fire alarm in the building and we had to be evacuated.  Thankfully we hadn’t ordered yet, even though we had all been there for a half an hour.

It was fine, since the kids were with there dads we didn’t feel any hurry to get back. (Not saying the dad’s didn’t miss us, because they did) But it was fun and memorable.

IMG_8509.JPG IMG_8511.JPG IMG_8512.JPG

It also gave us time to take some fun pictures!

IMG_8514.JPG IMG_8513.JPG

We even got one of everyone in the group.

IMG_8515.JPG IMG_8518.JPG
IMG_8517.JPG IMG_8516.JPG
IMG_8519.JPG IMG_8520.JPG
IMG_8521.JPG IMG_8522.JPG
IMG_8523.JPG IMG_8524.JPG

A kind man made me get in for a few more.

IMG_8525.JPG IMG_8527.JPG

We were then asked to leave the block, so we were farther from the “fire”

IMG_8529.JPG IMG_8530.JPG

So we obediently did what we were told.

It was nearly 11 at this point, and I was getting hungry…Voodoo Donuts was only a block away…I was getting ready to make a run for it when we got the green light to go back in.


We picked up ONE more bridal party member on our way back in, who was yes 45 minutes late, but her timing was perfect.

IMG_8532.JPG IMG_8533.JPG

We got back in sat down, gift opened.

Ordered, and breakfast came.


Okay the table starting with Landy…Lynnelle, Mandi, Nissa (The Maid of honor and the girl who made things happen), Betsy, Danielle (Not pictured for some reason)  Sarah, Malia, Me, Izzy, and the girl who came super late whose name I forget.

IMG_8535.JPG IMG_8536.JPG
IMG_8537.JPG IMG_8538.JPG

The whole group moved to a nails place in Landy’s neighborhood.

I got to sit with Danielle and chat.


Pedicures…my favorite thing!


I even got to sit by the bride for a minute.

IMG_8541.JPG IMG_8545.JPG

Until there was a crisis, and it was clear the bride needed someone else to help he through it.


I sat up to the manicure counter and these bottles were a perfect representation of the potential dichotomy of the group.



IMG_8548.JPG IMG_8550.JPG

Photo on the left:

Me, Malia, Izzy, Lynnelle, and Betsy.

Photo on the Right:

Laura, Mandy, Danielle, Landy, and Sarah


I loved my toes, but I HATED my nails. The lady made me wait forever, which was understandable, but even when she finally started with me she kept leaving and coming back, and then she did a really bad job.

IMG_8551.JPG IMG_8552.JPG

It’s always such a bummer when thing go bad in a salon. If I had been there on my own I would have refused to pay. BUT it was a whole big party, so I left, bummed.

When we got home Karl was in a mood. It was after 2:00 when we got home. We had been gone 5 hours and he had been stuck at the house all day.

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