Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: The Castle

Finding a place for all of us to stay is often tricky. Malia, the great, found this place. I took these pictures over the course of our stay, so you may seem them in other posts to come as well. I just thought it would be fun to see the place and how we used it.

So this is the house.


It’s in a hillside neighborhood near the center of the city. BUT to get to it up to the house you have to drive up a series of twisty streets and switch backs, each turn more narrow than the last.

There aren’t many parking spots out front, and to even get up the drive way you have to have four wheel drive! Which meant that we all had to park down on the street, and climb up a million stairs just to get into the house.

IMG_9233.JPG IMG_9253.JPG

Once inside the house there is a grand stair case that goes up three stories, with a half story room in between each level.


IMG_9237.JPG IMG_9238.JPG IMG_9239.JPG

This home must have been built in the 80’s, and then SORT of updated periodically. There are elements of it that are so grand like the room Karl, and me and the kids stayed in:

IMG_9240.JPG IMG_9242.JPG IMG_9241.JPG


And there is this crazy in floor tub. But when we turned on the water, the foucet flew off, and ended up soaking Karl and the whole room.

IMG_8557.JPG IMG_8558.JPG

It was the only cetrally located bathroom, so we were all using it.

IMG_8560.JPG IMG_8562.JPG


IMG_8563.JPG IMG_8564.JPG

The dining room was a grand circular room and the only place really to eat, but it was also the only table in the house more than two people could sit at so all wedding projects ended up getting worked on there.

And Hair dos.

IMG_8566.JPG IMG_8567.JPG

One such project.


There was a small chess table in the kitchen, that was unusable because the kids were always playing a game on it.

IMG_8568.JPG IMG_8569.JPG

There was only a few small garbage cans in the house, and 20 people, all more unwilling than the next to take out the garbage. I have NO idea WHO it was who kept pulling out then filling up brown paper grocery bags. But it was the absolutedid WORST part of the house. The out door can was all the way down the hill, and no one took out the trash until SUNDAY, and it was me, and my kids. BARF.



There was a lot of property in the back, but it was also on a huge hill, so didn’t really get used until the last night. There was also a hot tub that Karl used EVERY night.

IMG_9227.JPG IMG_3784.HEIC


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