Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Dinner at the Park

So the kids were all cranky when we got home from the Bridal outing. I did some cleaning, and talked with Karl, then we tried to figure out dinner. The kids were VERY divided about what they wanted. So in the end we all went to different places to eat, and met up at a park that is down the hill from the castle (Pictures are in an upcoming post) We had Sawyer and Judah in our car, and they had lots of opinions about dinner. But we made it.

After forcing the kids to eat the food that they demanded we buy them everyone was able to relax a little and play on the playground. The kids were having a hard time figuring out the balance on the teeter totter, so Karl was helping them out when this just kind of happened.

IMG_20190613_185708.jpg IMG_20190613_185709.jpg
IMG_20190613_185717.jpg IMG_20190613_185719.jpg

Once there were a few on, this naturally just happened:


IMG_20190613_185812.jpg IMG_20190613_185812_1.jpg
IMG_20190613_185814.jpg IMG_20190613_185816.jpg
IMG_20190613_185815.jpg IMG_20190613_185817.jpg
IMG_20190613_185818.jpg IMG_20190613_185818_1.jpg

My favorite part of this whole day was the mid 90’s dressed youth in the background.

My babies.

IMG_20190613_185826.jpg IMG_20190613_185827.jpg
IMG_20190613_185834.jpg IMG_20190613_185839.jpg
IMG_20190613_185840.jpg IMG_20190613_185838.jpg


Karl was having a good time too.

IMG_20190613_185847.jpg IMG_20190613_185849.jpg
IMG_20190613_185836.jpg IMG_20190613_185832.jpg

The rest of us were having fun just watching the cute.

IMG_20190613_185904.jpg IMG_20190613_185905.jpg



IMG_20190613_185912.jpg IMG_20190613_185914.jpg
IMG_20190613_185917.jpg IMG_20190613_185920.jpg
IMG_20190613_185923.jpg IMG_20190613_185921.jpg
IMG_20190613_190022.jpg IMG_20190613_185932.jpg

After all of that excitement I was happy to sit down.


Up on the shelf.

IMG_20190613_191055.jpg IMG_20190613_191057.jpg

It was after bed time when we finally left the park. We put our kids to bed,  (The rest of the kids stayed up) and left them in the care of Pappy Jimbo and Grammy Lynny.

Me, Karl, Malia, Danielle, and Zach went to Duck House in downtown Portland for a late dinner.

My phone was dead, so I got no pictures. Long story short, we got TONS of dumplings. And Noodles.


And Malia got a very true fortune cookie. Since she starts her new job with the state on Monday.


When we got home, our kids were blessedly still asleep. Grandma and the girls had passed out. Ethan, Sawyer, Judah, Asher and Aubrey were still going.

IMG_8555.JPG IMG_8556.JPG

We went upstairs and passed out.

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