Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Triassic Park

The photo shoot took a little longer than we thought it would.

We were supposed to have a big family dinner with the bride and groom and his family. Jim made Beans and rice and we made a big salad. Jim even brought and grilled arachere meat from the valley.  Unfortunately, Sean’s the family couldn’t make it, and so Sean and Landy didn’t come. I think that there was something with time and their show, but no one ever told me.  BUT Grandma and Grandpa came, and Dave and Deedee.


After making sure my kids were fed, I went and had a solo dinner on the deck out back.


Then we watched Grandma and Grandpa go, promise to see them tomorrow.



Then the babysitter Rachel we got through came, and we all went to the show!

It was at the Fun House. The place that Landy and Sean first met.


We watched them in their show, Triassic Park, and we loved it.

They were both incredible. We laughed, we cried, we loved it!




After the show, we said hi to Landy and Sean, congratulating them on a job well done. One of their fans had made them these little dinos that looked like their characters in the show.

IMG_8808.JPG IMG_8807.JPG
IMG_8809.JPG IMG_8810.JPG

Her parents were proud.


The whole gang!

IMG_8814.JPG IMG_8814.JPG
IMG_8816.JPG IMG_8818.JPG


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