Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Wedding Flowers

First thing on the Wedding Day, me, Malia, and Danielle headed over to Uncle Dave and Aunt DeeDee’s house to do all of the wedding flowers.

IMG_8820.JPG IMG_8823.JPG

I was put in charge of the┬áboutonnieres and corsages. I had done them for Belle and Adam’s so once Malia gave me her vision, I put them all together.

IMG_8825.JPG IMG_8821.JPG

Meanwhile Malia made the bouquet.

58230897093__FA330099-B5B0-440F-B2E2-1B3FCDA5BEB3.JPG 58230898642__B19BEB17-4461-4E19-8BF0-BB64FAF3B49B.JPG IMG_8822.JPG

They helped me make a bow for the corsages.

IMG_8826.JPG IMG_8827.JPG

We made tape toppers for some of the vases.


Then we filled said vases with flowers.

Oh and Grandma Barney was there. It was really nice to have her there. We chatted as we worked, it was a very pleasant morning.

IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0476.HEIC


We did 25 floral arrangements, 4 boutonnieres 2 corsages, and a bridal bouquet.

We got them all packed up.


Into the back of the car.


Yeah we did!

IMG_8832.JPG IMG_8834.JPG

And took them all to The Fun House. Yes they were having the wedding at The Fun House. It was fun to see back stage. I found Landy’s cubby. ­čÖé Nice.

IMG_8838.JPG IMG_8837.JPG
IMG_8839.JPG IMG_8840.JPG

Nissa, and Betsy, and friends did an amazing job of working through the night to make Landy’s vision come true. A pink Circus Tent. I guess. But it was enchanting and beautiful and she has incredible friends who love her SO much.

Karl was alone again all day with the kids. He was feeling frustrated. SO even though they may have needed some more help I needed to go. Then suddenly we were all going out to lunch at the Original Hotcake House.


Mirah was asleep when I left. So was Lucas. It was really exiting to see this crazy little cherub.

IMG_8841.JPG IMG_8842.JPG IMG_8843.JPG IMG_8844.JPG

It was a fun lunch.




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