Last night we participated in the Reddoch family tradition of watching Disney’s Ichabod Crane and eating Betsy’s delicious carmel popcorn. It is a fun time of year, and keeping up fall traditions…it is the Monday before Halloween, so time to carve pumpkins at FHE!
Mirah’s is the lumpy one. Mine is the tall one, and Karl’s got the big one.
 Fun with knives, knives all kinds of lives.
 Mirah wanted to get into the action.
 Looking cute.
 Trying to keep it all clean…failing.
 Mirah looked on as I carved her pumpkin.
 Mirah was being so cute tonight. She was pointing to the pumpkins mouth and saying “pumpkin eat, eat.” So cute. And smart.
 Our pumpkins.
 Us together on the porch. It started raining again so this was the best shot we could get.  Mirah was cold. And sweet and snuggly.

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