Post Surgery Pre Halloween

Mirah was up and back in action this morning. She didn’t want to sit at home she wanted to “GO GO GO.” And so we did. We heard that there was an event called the pumpkin parade at the Riverwoods, but it apparently didn’t start until later than 10 AM, because when we got there it was a ghost town.
There were fun pumpkin sculputres all over the place.
Including this funny one:
Mirah’s face. Looking pretty good, all things considered. 
We went to Marley’s for breakfast, and had to improvise a high chair. 
Next to the farmers market in Provo. So sad it’s the last weekend of the year. No more until June. 
Mirah loves to walk.
Karl considering a gun holster….
We went and visited the Reddochs. Then Mirah and I went home to rest while Karl went to the movies. When we got home we got into our costumes and went to the grocery store. I guess trick or treating at the store is a common thing in Utah Valley. Karl apparently overheard someone saying that they had several more stores to hit after they were done here.  
Mirah and Me in our costume. Mirah is the fox and I am the hunter.
We had only been in the store for 10 minutes when someone annouced that there was a game going on. We were instructed to find a pumpkin on the floor and stand on it. They would call a number and whomever was standing on the winning number would get a pumpkin pie!
We won!
They were giving candy away in all the departments. 
We went to the Bakery, the Deli, the meat counter, the dairy, produce, the pharmacy, and even the photo center.
We got a pic with the pumpkins on our way out of the store.
Betsy and Nick leant us this fox for Mirah to carry. She actually really loved it. 
Next stop…the Riverwoods!
We went back to see the Pumpkin Parade, with much more success. 
Karl is the horse.
All smiles.
We met up with Nitsy and the boys while we were there. All of the stores were handing out candy to kids. We didn’t realize that it was a costume thing. So we were lucky we were in costume. 
Nick took this for us.
The kids are getting so big, and they really are doing such a great job at playing together.

She really was being so cute today.
There was a S’mores area where all of the proceeds went to the Utah Valley Boys and Girls club. 
$1 per s’mores kit. Betsy loaned us the cash and we were off!

I love Mirah. She is my lady.
We parted ways and went over to our ward Halloween party. 
Some of the costumes were quite impressive.

Mirah was LOVING running around.

Mirah’s face is covered in tootsie roll, btw, not blood.
Humm…ideas for our Christmas trip.
We got home in time to get changed, get Mirah ready for bed and to have some visitors.
Krysta, Zac and Karen came over with Zac’s mom Janae. 
Then Cam and Kelly popped in for a little while. It was nice to see so much family today. 

One thought on “Post Surgery Pre Halloween

  1. Oh, I'm so glad she's looking so much better! Hooray!

    Also, I'm totally jealous of those $2 pumpkins! Out here in NJ ALL jack-o-lantern sized ones are $5-6 each. No one sells them by the pound, either. I decided to just buy sugar pie pumpkins ($2 each, but small), and we'll just bake and can them after Halloween instead of carving. (Canned pumpkin is expensive out here too! No case lot sales…)

    I love your daughter! She is so beautiful!!!

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