Two Front Teeth

While in Portland, we discovered a tooth, coming right out from behind Mirah’s UNWIGGLING tooth.

Can you see it?

(Yes she has orange something all over he face.)


Thankfully, we had a denisit appointment all set up already, and were able to get right in, the next day, to get them pulled.

This girls is so beautiful.


We had been with the Roberts again that day, so Dev was cool enough to take Lucas while we went to the dentist.

A few pictures of her before she got her teeth out.

IMG_9319.JPG IMG_9321.JPG
IMG_9323.JPG IMG_9325.JPG

We drove to the dentist…got signed in…

IMG_9326.JPG IMG_9328.JPG

And then we both started to get nervous.

Mirah more than me.

IMG_9329.JPG IMG_9330.JPG IMG_9331.JPG
IMG_9332.JPG IMG_9333.JPG IMG_9335.JPG

You can see the fear in her eyes.

We had to get THREE cavities filled too. It took a while, so long, that she looked like she had been in a fight once we were all done.

IMG_9336.JPG IMG_9337.JPG

Drum roll please…




She bounced back by the time we got to the Robert’s house.



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