Neighborhood Art Center

We made it back to the neighborhood art center!

We met up with the Robert’s again, this time with the girls.

Today there was a clay station.

IMG_9285.JPG IMG_9286.JPG

There was also a shadow are room.

But at first all that the girls wanted to do was to be in the paint room.

IMG_9287.JPG IMG_9288.JPG
IMG_9290.JPG IMG_9289.JPG


The still had the screen printing area there. I found a picture of the St George temple in the paper, so I got inspired.


Lucas found the magnetic building blocks. He stayed here for a long time.

IMG_9292.JPG IMG_9295.JPG IMG_9294.JPG

As other people cleared out, we ended up in the random craft area. And the kids all had a ball making creations. Mirah and Aftyn made a fairy garden.

IMG_9297.JPG IMG_9298.JPG

Lucas on the other hand, was making what he lovingly and inexplicably called “my masterpiece”

IMG_9300.JPG IMG_9301.JPG IMG_9303.JPG
IMG_9304.JPG IMG_9305.JPG IMG_9306.JPG

Once this leaning tower of masterpiece was finished Lucas excitedly went to the paint room. He realized he didn’t have a smock on, so quickly fixed that. You see the brown on his neck? Guess who did that? MIRAH!!

IMG_9307.JPG IMG_9310.JPG








Artfully done.

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