Strawberries at the Swans

We have the best neighborhood, the best neighbors…

And today, one of those amazing people invited us over to come and pick and eat some strawberries.

Our wonderful neighbors, The Swans.


(Here’s me and Melissa Swan)

The strawberry patch was overflowing and so I brought some people to help.

Aftyn, Krysta, Karen, Mirah, Lucas, and me!

IMG_9408.JPG IMG_9410.JPG


I mean LOOK at that. Red and sweet and tart all the way to the stem.


I mean some of them were so ripe, the leaves were turning red too!

IMG_9413.JPG IMG_9422.JPG

The kids were having a ball!

IMG_9411.JPG IMG_9412.JPG


IMG_9415.JPG IMG_9416.JPG IMG_9417.JPG
IMG_9419.JPG IMG_9420.JPG IMG_9421.JPG


I mean I thought that I would just eat whatever I picked, but really, there were So many beautiful ripe strawberries!


Look at this monster! YUM!


Calvin and Lewis were at their house for the day, and he came our to see what the commotion was all about.

IMG_9423.JPG IMG_9426.JPG

Lucas started to get pretty territorial about the bowl.

IMG_9427.JPG IMG_9428.JPG

Like seriously territorial.

IMG_9438.JPG IMG_9439.JPG

We ate until we were full, and still left with a ton of berries.

IMG_9430.JPG IMG_9432.JPG IMG_9435.JPG


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