My Birthday

My brithday week was in full swing. A Show, Lagoon, SLC with Branny…Karl and I and the kids were all beat. For dinner on Sunday, Karl made my FAVORITE- STEAK.


A more perfect meal I couldn’t imagine.  The dressing was the Ginger Dressing from the restaurant on Friday. Steak Cooked to perfection, and mushrooms-I love mushrooms. Asparagus, my favorite veggie.

IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0060.JPG


On my birthday, I was awoken by these perfect babies.

IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0064.JPG

Inside was a card written for me by Mirah:

IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG

It all came with a bunch of hearts in a home made cone.

IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0070.JPG

Not long after that there was a know on the door, a delivery! From Malia!

IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0077.JPG

It was still a day, so I took the kids to get their hairs cut, which was a relief.

IMG_0078.JPG IMG_0079.JPG

Karl got off of work early, and we went to Toy together.

IMG_0083.JPG IMG_0082.JPG

Krysta came too!

After the movie we all went out to Terra Mia.

IMG_0084.JPG IMG_0085.JPG IMG_0086.JPG IMG_0087.JPG

After dinner we went back to the house and had ice cream cake with Krysta and Zac.


My birthday presentation:


Roses from Karl.


IMG_0088.JPG IMG_0091.JPG IMG_0095.JPG

It was VERY yummy! Rocky Road and Chocolate cake. All roses. 🙂

(AMAZING NOTE! I posted this picture of my cake on isntagram, with the caption:”Never too old for ice cream cake” And NASA like it!! Or whatever intern does the NASA Instagram, but still! Touch of glory!)

I bought this crown for Mirah’s birthday but for got to give it to her. She found it, and made me put it on.



I opened my gifts, cute new shoes from mom!


And a weighted blanket from Karl.


(Mirah made me the note)

We had cake:

IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0104.JPG

The Whimore’s left. And look what I found in the mail box as we said goodbye:

IMG_0107.JPG IMG_0108.JPG IMG_0109.JPG

Perfect Birthday.

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