Fall is Here (Literally)

So, Saturday was a really fun day. Until Mirah took a fall, and her nose was broken. 
If you are interested in more details of the fall. Call me if you want. 
Everything that has happened since Saturday at 4:00 has basically made me forget all about the fun things we did before hand. 
I actually have several pictures of Mirah, but I will only share a few of the least gruesome.
So after a fall at Pumpkin Land, we rushed to the emergency room. 
As we drove to the hospital I was having a hard time keeping it together. All I could see was my poor girls scared and contorted face covered in blood, all I could feel was my heart racing and the warm blood that was covering my hands and cloths,  all I could smell was blood. There was SO much blood.
When we got to the ER I ran in with Mirah. There was no one there. I couldn’t find anyone to help. There was a man sitting at a window, everything was so quiet. I asking in a shaky voice can someone help me, his eyes widened, and they pointed me into a door. I started to cry, “please some one help me.”  At this point I totally started to loose it. Karl luckily was there at that point and he could answer their questions. I just heard one Man tell a nurse, “Infant facial trauma coming in.”
  Mirah’s sweater. 
They couldn’t get the IV into her foot because she was screaming so hard.  It took two nurses and both Karl and I holding her down for us to be able to get the IV into her hand. Karl had to step away, he turned REALLY pale when she was getting stuck with the needle. They ordered a CT scan, which was terrible. She couldn’t sit still and they had to strap her down,  they had to strap her had down, and she was still busting out. They eventually came in and sedated her. There was little to no effect. I had to stand with my hand on her chin while she was scanned. They had to run the scan like 4 times until they got a clear picture.
Here we are after the sacn.
Let me just say she looks SO much better here than she did when it all happened. 
(The little board on her hand is to help keep her IV in place, her arm was not injured.)
We ended up falling asleep in the room waiting for the doctor to report on the scan.
I guess the sedation finally set in. They also gave her some morphine to help with the pain.
 When the doctor finally arrived, he apologized for the wait. He explained that he consulted with three other doctors including a pediatric plastic surgeon at Primary Children’s to make sure we did the best thing for Mirah. Her nose was indeed broken. He said that they would sedate her again to get it cleaned up. She broke through that sedation too. They had to stitch each side of he nose. You can see the little stitch on the left, and there is one on the lower right too.
We were discharged around 8:30. 
We went to the only open pharmacy in the area in Provo to get her pain meds and antibiotics. 
Home, and slept on the couch together to keep her head up. He nose bled all night. 
Today things are rough. She has been really tired, but as long as we keep her medicated her spirits are high, and she just wants to play as normal. Her face is quite a bit more swollen today. I will post a picture later.
If you read this on the 20th, please pray for her. 
We go to the pediatric surgeon at Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC on Thursday or Friday. She may need some surgery, hopefully not. Ugh.

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