We had a some visitors arrive this afternoon. 
Krysta and Karen came bearing gifts and a much needed boost in spirits.
 In addition to the pumpkin ballon, they also brought me and Karl diet coke, and these beautiful flowers that Karen picked out herself. 

It made Mirah very happy.
 Did I mention that Mirah LOVES Karen?
I mean LOVES.
 Like a lot.
 Mirah’s nose UPDATE:
Her face is really very swollen today. The bleeding has FINALLY mostly stopped. It just picks up again when she gets active. Like after hugging Karen a million times.
 Sitting together.
 Oh yeah, Zac sent over some candy for Mirah too. 
 Chocolate always helps brighten moods.
Trying to get Karen up and to play. Karen was strating to feel quiet “bothered.”
Feeling very grateful for loving and caring friends. 

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