Decorating Halloween Cookies With New Friends

The changing of the leaves has begun and so fall is truly here. With a couple of months until it is officially Winter, and things are crisp and still warm during the day. LOVE this time of year. Snow on the mountain tops and golden leaves in the valley. 
The view from the yard.
To celbrate we invited some of our friends over to decorate cookies with us. 
The group of friends we invited over are also managers here at our complex. 
There are the Dixons
Chelsea, Cormac, and Scott. Scott is actually the bishop in our ward.
Then there was Anthony and Wesley. Anthony’s wife Camille and their 2 month old Adeline stayed home because Camille had the flu. 
Then there was Sydney and…
Daren (picture here with Karl) and…
Sarina Hill.
Daren and Anthony serve with Karl in the Young men’s presidency. 🙂 
Cormac and Mirah are friends.
Playing with lions.
My little dare devil.

Mirah also LOVES Chelsea. If we go to the park at the complex, she will as, “Chelsea? Where Chelsea?” Or “Where Chelsea go?” When we leave her house Mirah will say, “bye bye Chelsea, bye bye Cormac.” Amazing.  Also, on speaking notes, she is learning to count. We play on the swings and practice counting.  I will say one, she will say two. I will say 3, 4 and she will say 5, 6. I will say seven 8 she will say, 9…10! So cute. And smart! 17 months old. So smart.

Anthony is from a great family from Lindon. His mom was very loving and proactive about keeping her kids safe and healthy. She didn’t do this kids of thing with her kids, so this was his first time decorating cookies. He asked for some coaching.
My cookies.
Anthony and  Wesley. 
Chelsea and Cormac did some great ones too.  

Sydney’s amazing cookies. That white one says BOO.
Karl very focused. 
Karl and his wolf man cookie. 
Always fun to make new friends and keep up fun traditions.

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