The Star Wars Wedding

The day had arrived, the point of the whole trip, the last thing we did before we left…
It was a Star Wars themed event. 
We came dressed to impress for the event. 

The sign in table:
Our table.
The Hites with babies table.

Other table’s center pieces.

Chinese lantern death stars.

Then there was the table of the Barney/Hite Grown Ups.
Aunt Kathy and Lynelle. 
Grandma and Grandpa Barney.
Uncle Dave and Aunt Deedee
Another R2. (Belonged to one of the brides maids.)
And of course the lovely grandma Neal. 
You may be able to see the storm trooper on her flower.
This was dads.
The rest of the gang.
Then there were the Ewoks.

The ceremony abrubputly and with out much warning began. It left us with kkids scambling to take our seats. 
We made it.

They called for the ring “bears” 😉 and it was chaos. 
They finally made it up with many tears and much coxing.
In the end the couple was very happy. 
The ceremony was nice, and full of Star Wars puns.
After the ceremony the bridal party left for an hour or more to take pictures in the park.
So, the rest of the gang ate.
It was a brunch with subtle star wars themes.
Waffle bar!
Fruit Skewers. I was told took all night to prepare.

Then there was the cake.
This lightsaber cake knife was made by the combined efforts of Karl and Zach.

The cake itself was made by Maila.

Some Family Pictures!

Mirah and Grandma Neal. 
I think Mirah liked her.

The kids.

Final few pictures with gabby.
Our parting gift.
A C3PO toy with a thank you note on it.
We were outtie 5000!

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