Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: The Ceremony

The long awaited moment had arrived, it was time for Landy and Sean to say I do.


The cake was ready.

IMG_8866.JPG IMG_8865.JPG

The gift bags were out.

IMG_8864.JPG IMG_8867.JPG

Love was everywhere, even on the wall.


We had been waiting around for hours with anxious and hungry kids, and I can speak for myself that I was ready for this thing to happen. Unfortunately poor Betsy was stuck in traffic, due to a bridge being up, and since she was late she couldn’t find parking, and so she parked far away, then had to drag 4 kids all that way to the Fun House. They of course waited for her.



My kids were dying, something needed to happen soon. Anything.

IMG_8972.JPG IMG_8975.JPG

I think the Adults in the room were fine. Even the RANDOM lady who decided to plant herself right in the middle of all of the family.


(I’m serious, something had to happen or Mirah and Lucas were going to loose their minds.)

The decor was distracting and enchanting though. Nissa and the gang really did an awesome job.





Betsy and the kids arrived, and the kids got settled. Well the older kids.

IMG_8981.JPG IMG_8980.JPG


Rosie on the other hand WOULD NOT. She was ticked and would not settle.



Ginger was chill, though. And even as the Groom then Bride came out she was crying and upset.

IMG_8983.JPG IMG_0478.HEIC

Caitlin, yes I said Caitlin, look beautiful.


The beautiful couple.

IMG_0482.HEIC IMG_0509.jpg

So in love.


It was at think point that we all sat down, that Rosie decided to start screaming. And Landy let her inner Bridezilla out, she turned from the front at this point, still holding Sean’s had and told her “Stut the F#$% up!” After which Ethan, the oldest of the kids at Eight, said, “F-bomb!”

IMG_8986.JPG IMG_0500.JPG

The Ceremony went on with wit and sweetness, and was really quiet lovely. You could see these two really loved each other. They wrote their vows to each other and they were just beautiful. Sweet and personal and perfect.


And then, Andy, the officiator of both this and her first wedding, asked the group if anyone knew of any reason why these two should not be married… Land said “No one say f#$%ing anything.” Or something to that effect.

IMG_8988.JPG IMG_8989.JPG IMG_8990.JPG

No one did, thank heavens, and the were pronounced husband and wife.


Andy told Sean, “You may kiss the bride.”

IMG_8993.JPG IMG_0501.JPG


Balloons dropped and they were so cute and happy.

IMG_8996.JPG IMG_8995.JPG

And off they went.

IMG_8997.JPG IMG_8998.JPG

I think Grandma was a little shocked.  😉


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