Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: After the Ceremony

As soon as the kids were allowed up they all ran for the balloons.



IMG_9001.JPG IMG_9002.JPG IMG_9003.JPG IMG_9004.JPG
IMG_9005.JPG IMG_9006.JPG IMG_9007.JPG IMG_9008.JPG
IMG_9009.JPG IMG_9010.JPG IMG_9011.JPG IMG_9012.JPG

The moment right after the ceremony is always a bit akward, one never quite knows what to do. So Mirah Lucas and I sat at booth.

IMG_9016.JPG IMG_9017.JPG
IMG_9018.JPG IMG_9019.JPG



Oh! We saw the bride!

IMG_9022.JPG IMG_9023.JPG

Outside again, there was BLESSEDLY a balloon artist!! I could have cried. He provided an hour of entertainment for the kids.


IMG_9031.JPG IMG_9025.JPG IMG_9033.JPG


IMG_0490.HEIC IMG_9040.JPG IMG_0489.HEIC

Oh and the toys and games again.


We were told again that we would take a picture, so we all dutifully got ready and waited.

IMG_9038.JPG IMG_9039.JPG

Really, thank the stars above for that balloon guy. I need to find his number and send him a tip.

IMG_0497.HEIC IMG_3672.HEIC IMG_9054.JPG
IMG_9045.JPG IMG_9048.JPG IMG_9053.JPG

The only problem was prying all the balloons out of our crazy kids hands so we could take the family picture. Which did happen. I hope to see it someday.

It was time to eat and we got right in. But the kids were loosing it. So we had to get in and out. They of course saw the desserts and started there.

IMG_9056.JPG IMG_9057.JPG IMG_9058.JPG
IMG_9059.JPG IMG_9061.JPG IMG_9062.JPG

Dinner was pizza and mac n cheese. Oh yeah the sainted balloon man made all the girls unicorn horns.




There was “Hot Sauce” out and labeled for us to use.

IMG_9063.JPG IMG_9064.JPG

Some people just get really worn out by a party.


We weren’t able to say goodbye to Landy, but sweet Sean was out front with his family, that had miraculously all made it. It was a real wedding day miracle. We congratulated him, welcomed him to the family, and said our goodbyes.

IMG_9066.JPG IMG_9067.JPG

Our tote bags got used right away as balloon animal carriers.

IMG_9068.JPG IMG_9069.JPG
IMG_9072.JPG IMG_9074.JPG


IMG_9078.JPG IMG_9079.JPG IMG_9081.JPG

Pictures on the steps before we changed.

IMG_9082.JPG IMG_9083.JPG IMG_9084.JPG
IMG_9085.JPG IMG_9089.JPG IMG_9090.JPG



IMG_9091.JPG IMG_9092.JPG IMG_9093.JPG
IMG_9094.JPG IMG_9096.JPG IMG_9095.JPG

We made it.

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