Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Beverly Cleary Park

We were looking for something to do that was A) Free B) Outside and C) Nearby. Malia, the great, looked up and saw that just two blocks away was the Beverly Cleary School and there was even a section of a park with statues and everything.

This was serendipity!

We had not three weeks prior finished reading Ramona and Her Mother. And we had been reading since school started lots of the other Ramona books, all listed below:

     We were SO excited to see the actual park, neighborhood and yes SCHOOL Beverly Cleary had been writing about when she wrote the Ramona books. Yes, Ramona was based in Portland, in the neighborhood that Beveryly Cleary had lived in at the time.


So we excitedly walked over to check it out! On our walk we passed the school!

IMG_9178.JPG IMG_9179.JPG

It was a beautiful day, and the flowers in the horse chestnut trees were blooming.  The leaves were ENORMOUS, and Lucas begged his dad to pick him one, which of course he did.

IMG_9180.JPG IMG_9181.JPG


We quickly made it to the statues in the park, and they were actually water fountains too!

And there was Ramona in all of her glory!



The kids, especially Mirah, were stoked.

IMG_9184.JPG IMG_9185.JPG

There were quotes near the statues too:



Not just Ramona was there, Henery Huggins too!

IMG_9186.JPG IMG_9187.JPG

And Ribsy! Henry’s dog!

IMG_9182.JPG IMG_9206.JPG
IMG_9203.JPG IMG_9205.JPG

We went and played at the park for a while, and then cousins arrived, only interested in getting wet. Which was mostly the point of the installation anyway.

IMG_9209.JPG IMG_9211.JPG

On our way out, we passed Ramona’s street Klickitat St.!


It was a pretty exciting afternoon.

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