Landy and Sean’s Wedding Trip: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all my Dad’s out there!

The day started with a sweet post from aunt Shirlene about her sweet father, and I felt like I needed to repost all of these images to make sure I had them somewhere I could find them again. It was a loving and lovely tribute to a man who has been a father longer than anyone else I know.

IMG_0511.JPG IMG_0512.JPG IMG_0513.JPG IMG_0514.JPG
IMG_0515.JPG IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0518.JPG


And then there was this card we Hite kids crafted for Pappy Jimbo…



I called my dad. And then had a failed Facetime with him due to poor service.


I will say here that I love my dad very much. It is a struggle to get to know him, but over the past year I have been so thankful for all of himself that he has shared with me. As I continue to know him better I love him and appreciate him even more. Thank you dad for always doing your best to be there for me and our family. Thank you for loving my kids, they love you so much. Here’s to many more years of knowing each other better.


Then there is this guy, who is the father of my children. Here he is one father’s day, moving his seat up WAY too far so Malia could sit with us. Thank you so being an incredible, loving father to our two children. I love you.


To celebrate the day, we went to Nicholas’s for lunch, there was no real food in the house

IMG_9153.JPG IMG_9154.JPG

There was a TON of real food in there.

IMG_9155.JPG IMG_9156.JPG IMG_9157.JPG


IMG_9158.JPG IMG_9159.JPG IMG_9162.JPG
IMG_9162.JPG IMG_9163.JPG IMG_9164.JPG



Lunch was served, and we snarfed.

IMG_9166.JPG IMG_9167.JPG IMG_9168.JPG
IMG_9170.JPG IMG_9171.JPG IMG_9172.JPG

A special father’s day baklava for dessert.




Yeah we were happy.


Between these two meals, we made a stop at Beveryly Cleary park, I will post about that in it’s own post. But after a few hours at the park, we were out eating again.

Dinner was at a place called La Bistro Montage in Downtown Portland. Their big seller was Mac N Cheese.


It was here was gave Pappy Jimbo his card.

He laughed a little. 🙂 To Jim, thank you for being such a wonderful Grandad to my kids, they love you so much. You are always available to them. Ready to wrestle, hug, play or laugh.

IMG_9215.JPG IMG_9217.JPG


We were all still so full from lunch, that none of us ate very much. But one of the pulls to this place is the tin foil take away in fun shapes.

We each got something different. I got a snail.


Lucas got a sea horse.

IMG_9219.JPG IMG_9221.JPG

Mirah got a whale.

IMG_9222.JPG IMG_9223.JPG

Everyone was beat. So all anyone wanted to do was relax. Karl wanted to hot tub, so we did.

IMG_9224.JPG IMG_9227.JPG

Ethan and Saywer were out back too. They were in the water for a while, but the kids were fighting, and they got board after a while. So it all digressed to back yard stick ball.




Kids. I love these kids. Mirah had a blast playing out back, and was only injured a little but a stick to the face (it was an accident.)

IMG_3784.HEIC IMG_3785.HEIC IMG_9228.JPG

The evening went late, with Me, Karl, Jim, and Zach staying up taking and watching a movie.

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