Coming to Oregon

Got up and got on the plane.
We got into Portland around noon, and we in Salem by 1 PM. Mirah was getting grumpy, so we decided to take break and let the beast out of her cage. 
At a park.

Running around made her mood improved.
The park was amazing, a beautiful taste of the wooded, blackberry bush filled, HUGE spider having landscape of Oregon. 
Mirah just wanted to run!

One fun thing in Salem:
We were actually going to spend some time there. BUT, it was closed. It must be a seasonal place. Why would we go there? My sister Chelsea recommended it. 
Onward and upward. We headed into Eugene, and after a little bit of driving around we ended up at the Skinner Butte in the middle of town.  Brandon recommended it. It was a great way to start our days there. 

It gave us a birds eye view of the whole town.
Seriously a beautiful place.
That’s the football stadium over there. It is so huge, you can practically see it from space.
Loaded Mirah up in the stroller.
I love Karl.
Oh, yeah, and if you can’t tell I put Mirah’s shoes on the wrong feel. 
Despite the mistake, the walk was amazing. 
Up, up, up to the top of the hill. 
walking down was beautiful too. 
This is where we first saw these things.
We collected a couple of them. They crunched under your feet. What were they…
I love this picture.
I like this one too.
I like my hair.
There is even an O on the Butte.
Mirah liked is as a slide
Everything is a jungle gym.
Daddy daughter!
We drove out to Brandon’s house next. 
It was out in the country side of Eugene. It is right next to a bunch of protected wetlands AND a bunch of Llamas!!!
The house. So CUTE!
When we got there we had a friend waiting for us. No, it wasn’t Brandon, he was still in school.
It was FAT EDDIE!!
We went walking around to see the property. It was huge. And beautiful!
Why is Mirah so happy? We had a follower.
Eddie again.

Fun story. Mirah has mostly stopped circus baby. Karl can get her to do it by telling her that she is strong. He will say “you are so strong.” Then she will say, “I’m Strong, I’m strong.”
Eventually UNCLE BRANDON arrive!!!
We went on a walk in the field next to Branny’s place. And we saw a FOX (look all the way down the lane.)
Running with dogies.
Doggie love!
Mirah loved to HUG Eddie.
He got tired of it eventually. He would make this crazy screaming noise. Mirah loved to copy him. 
After looking around the property for a while we found these at their house too. They are a type of WASP LARVE! The little dark do is the wasp. The mom and dad lay this stuff on leaves, that cause it these shells that keep the larve suspended in the middle of the shell. CRAZY. And they are everywhere. 
There were a bunch in the tree outside of their house too:
Now I know what they are, I just want to knock them all down!
The house is just lovely! 
They have a beautiful bedroom that they graciously insisted that we stay in there. We loved it. 
They have a lovely sitting room with a fire place and lots of room. Their kitchen is huge!
They have windows all over they house. They are getting ready to repaint this room. This window fills the whole wall, and is just so cool. 
Then it goes up to this staircase.
It is a classic craftsman Oregonian style stair case, according to Leah’s dad Ron.
3 Bedrooms up stairs, two bathrooms, and tons of land and space. Such a cool house. I didn’t even get pictures of the coolest most up to date rooms.

We then met up with Leah at her parents home. Ron and Sue made a delicious dinner of Spaghetti for us. It was so wonderful to be together. They showed us the house and their hot tub, and the great view from the deck that Ron built. It was so great to see them.

Then home again. We put Mirah down in a pack and play that Ron and Sue leant us. Then we spent the evening playing BEY BLADES! It was left at their house last Christmas when their nephew George was not so into it. Which worked out great for us!

This wasn’t the exact se that we played with but close enough.

Ahhh, great day.

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