Day in Eugene

The next morning came in with the grey morning haze. Mirah was up and ready to go. She even found one of the Beyblades on the table and was using it as a pacifier.

She was being a little shy of Penny.
A view of the house in the morning. This is the side of the house with the livingroom and kitchen windows. I guess the house is like 100 years old. The owners are also Brandon and Leah’s neighbors. They raised their kids in this home. It has a huge garden plot with an irrigation system, a deck, a big porch on the other side of the house, AND, there is a cold shed so all of your home canned goods have a place. 
There is even still canned food in there!!!
We piled into our rental. 
And headed over to Off the Waffle. 
(If you are interested)
This kid friendly place set right in the heart of downtown Eugene. 
They give away tons of stickers. Which we loved. Mirah loved them. 
There was even a coloring book for Mirah. This place was made for em and my heart. 
Then the food came.
Me, Leah and Brandon got this:
Waffel, Egg bacon and Syrup.
Ice Cream Sunday Waffel.
Banana, chocolate waffel. 
Karl had a pulled pork sandwich waffel. 
They even had a little mini waffel for Mirah.
She dug it. 
Shared with dad.
So good. 
Oh my gosh I love this picture. 
We wondered around downtown for a while. 
People are crocheting things in the public sector. 
Looked like a bike that Zac Whitmore would have. 
Then we stopped at Halequin Beads. 
Brought back so many memories.
Bought a Di De Los Muertos Bead…s and made a necklace. 
Next stop, The Stadium.
Across the street was a park. Beautiful river, and lovely paths. 
And an amazing HUGE dog park. 
Mirah was in Heaven.
Then we found a lady who had like 10 dogs and we couldn’t stop her from running to them!
Then there was this golden lab who just kept trying to give Mirah her ball. 
Like, seriously, she followed her around for like 10 minutes. We would pick up the ball, through it, and the dog would bring it back to Mirah every time. I was DYING. 
Check out this video. 
Here she is when she fell. a bit dazed. You can also see her Llama necklace that Leah and Brandon made for her at the bead shop. 
Dog with one eye. 
Happy happy Mirah.
Trying to get out. More happiness. 

Also, on a cool note, OREGON is so beautiful in the fall. 
Next stop:
Mirah had passed out while we drove so Branny fell asleep in the car with her.
This place was so cool.
Floor to ceiling stuff. 
Like this wall of fanny packs. 
We got some cool Oregon merch. 
It was great. 
Being so close to campus, Branny showed us around a little. 

The building in the far back is where Branny goes to class. The Building on the left is where he does sessions. Yes, he is in the middle of his second year of CFT Masters. He is my hero. 
A couple more cute ones.
Huge statue of two hands making an “O”like they do at Oregon sports games. 
Passed thier old place while we were on our way home for Mirah’s naps.
Hanging out.
Lady Leah.
We ate lunch at The Jail.
Then we went thrift store shopping. 
Found some fun stuff.
Then we hit the jack pot f Avon after shaves. 
A Winabego.
Or a pocket watch, or a screw driver and a hard hat.
A gun.
Busts of former presidents.
All aftershave.
Good times.
My sweet baby.
Back on the Farm, we went on a little hike in the woods near the house. 

There was a pretty little pond, that is there house through the trees.

We passed through the Llama’s enclosure to get hime, so we brought some carrots to feed them. Leah the animal charmer of course had NO fear. 
The rest of us stood our distance. 
Eventually we were able to get them a little closer. 

They only know one of the Llama’s names, and it is this little guy. His name is Obama. You can guess why.

Mirah was getting a big tired. 
Leah made us dinner. HOME MADE PIZZA.
We colored this while we watched adventure time. 
We reminisced about getting these for our long summer car trips.
Then we made SMORES!

At the fireplace!
Such a good time.

The next morning Leah and Brandon made us breakfast, and we said our sad goodbyes. It was SO wonderful to be together again.

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