Friday with Cousins

For the first time, and hopeully not the last, we had a cousins day at our house with Sloan, Reese, and Ash!!

Cam was at work and Kelly was having a Lake Day with some friends.

She dropped the boy off after 9:00 AM and we had a great day.

The boys got right to playing.

IMG_0187.JPG IMG_0188.JPG


Ashy wasn’t sure about me yet. Kelly had snuck away quickly. And so the transition went awesome, until about an hour in when he realized she was gone.


When he did, he went over to his brother Sloan, and laid on his lap until he was calm.

IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0191.JPG

He was happy to give Lucas hugs too.

IMG_0193.JPG IMG_0194.JPG
IMG_0195.JPG IMG_0196.JPG

The kids played, and watched TV. We had pizza for lunch.


The Ashy took his nap.


While he napped, the kids played outside in the water.

IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0202.JPG
IMG_0204.JPG IMG_0205.JPG
IMG_0206.JPG IMG_0207.JPG
IMG_0208.JPG IMG_0209.JPG
IMG_0210.JPG IMG_0211.JPG

IMG_0212.JPG IMG_0214.JPG
IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0217.JPG

I was happy to sit in the shade.

IMG_0219.JPG IMG_0222.JPG

A touchstone for the kids.

IMG_0223.JPG IMG_0229.JPG
IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0227.JPG

The game became sneak attack, and everyone started to get upset.

IMG_0230.JPG IMG_0231.JPG IMG_0232.JPG
IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0234.JPG IMG_0236.JPG


IMG_0237.JPG IMG_0238.JPG IMG_0239.JPG


IMG_0240.JPG IMG_0242.JPG
IMG_0243.JPG IMG_0246.JPG


IMG_0248.JPG IMG_0249.JPG
IMG_0250.JPG IMG_0251.JPG
IMG_0253.JPG IMG_0254.JPG
IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0256.JPG


IMG_0257.JPG IMG_0259.JPG

Then it felt like a sneak attack. When the sprinklers came on.

IMG_0260.JPG IMG_0261.JPG



Reesey was the first one to tap out.

IMG_0268.JPG IMG_0270.JPG

We had Popsicle.

IMG_0274.JPG IMG_0275.JPG
IMG_0276.JPG IMG_0277.JPG
IMG_0278.JPG IMG_0279.JPG
IMG_0280.JPG IMG_0281.JPG
IMG_0282.JPG IMG_0283.JPG

And when we were done, Ashy woke up and we had snacks on the stairs.

IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0285.JPG IMG_0286.JPG

As I was taking these pictures, Cam arrived, and Ash was relieved!

IMG_0287.JPG IMG_0288.JPG IMG_0289.JPG IMG_0290.JPG
IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0292.JPG IMG_0292.JPG

We chilled for a while.


Then went to the park.

IMG_0295.JPG IMG_0296.JPG

We said goodbye.

We all had a really great day.

UNTIL. Cam had trouble on the way home. Their engine exploded. They only made it to American fork. Ugh.

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