Renaissance Faire

Someone handed me a flyer at the 4th of July festival in Provo, advertising this event. We have all been suer excited about it all summer.
As we walked at the Center Stage they were knighting a little boy with a foam sword.
We found weapons!
Sweet crossbow. 
Then there was the birds of prey show!
Very well done and entertaining. 
Mirah was only a little entertained. 
Why can’t I touch the birds?
They talked about a kids zone, so we went over to check it out. There was this great pirate ship.
On board, Captan Jack Sparrow.
Then there was this guy.
And these ladies. Singing.
I heard that they had a Scotch, or Scottich Egg. They were featured in a BBC show called Big School, and I had just been looking for a place to try one. 

Here it is in all it’s glory.
It looks kind of terrible, but it was actually pretty good. TOO much onion. But the flavors were really good otherwise.
Karl and Mirah lost their way while I ordered my egg.
Then we saw this guy…the DAD from Saturdays warriors. He said, “Cute Kid.” As we walked by.
Karen got a glass plant.
Karl got a Gyro.
I got a Turkey Leg.
Then we headed over to see some Jousting!
Even though the jousting was quite entertaining, Mirah, and really all of us were distracted by this guy that came in:

Yeah, those are ears and tails. 
It was cool to be so close to the action!
Mirah liked the horses. 
But only to a point.
There was even a warning, to keep a heads up in case a broken lance bit hit you in the face.
Wanting a better look.
After the jousts we went over to get a closer look at the birds of prey. Mirah was the happiest that day when she was up close to the birds.
Karen liked it too.
There were more cool venders to check out. 

Then there was the blacksmith.
He was super cool. 
Each of us was really into different things he had made. 
This great Mason jar holder.
Krysta loved this triangle. 
She actually said that she had always wanted one.
Karl and Mirah found this great set of dice.
Then my favorite. An axe.
Later on, a sword demo, and Zac got to hold a broad sword.
Meanwhile Mirah and I played on the guillotine. 
I don’t know what Karen is doing in this one.
Then we found this awesome basket weaving tent. 
Sweetest lady. She talked to us and told us all about herself, like she taught basket weaving at BYU for 20 years.  
There were other booths full of things that people whittled. 
Like this whisk.
Then there was this guy with a fake pet skunk. That he used to trick people. Me included. 

Homemade lathe. 
We had a great time. We were glad that we got there early. Things get busier and it was time for Mirah’s nap. 
 September was a pretty geeky month. Comicon and the Renaissance Faire.

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