October Fest Begins!

Our annual October Fest weekend has begun! 
General Conference weekend!  
Becoming a parent and then trying to loose weight have changed our perspective and goals for this weekend. We used to pig out and…basically that’s it. There was a lot of note taking and watching conference too, but this year we are going light and lean, and trying to spend time together as a family while we hear the words of our Prophet and Apostles. 
We decided to combined our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with this special weekend, and I am really glad we did. We made our trip out to Springville, to Jaker’s pumpkin patch.
We were meeting Nick and Betsy out there. We got there first and Mirah ran right to the corn pit.
It was a sensory texture overload.

Eventually though she found her feet.

I decided to jump in and play for a while. 

Then Mirah tried to do some summersaults.

She just wanted back to the pit. 
Then her handsome cousins arrived.
What is she pointing at?
These jumpers who almost landed on her.
Getting her out was a little tricky.
She wasn’t happy about it but I was able to drag her out. 🙂 

Her mood improved when we found these little wagons. They were all around and were for carrying pumpkins. Like my little pumpkin. 
Everyone wanted a ride!

We saw the animals.

Then played at the slide.

Then we jumped on the hayride.

It was getting dark and a little cold, so it was finally time to get our pumpkins.

Mirah was having a blast climbing through the field.

Karl found his!
Family pic!
Judah, excited to find his pumpkin.
Mirah, ready for another ride.
Then ticked when she was was covered in pumpkins.
After Jackers we went to our traditional post-patch restaurant, La Castia. Karl got his rolled tacos, per usual. Mirah ate a million beans, and a million rice, and of course chips.
Home again home again, jiggity jog. To bed and ready to conference it up in the morning! 

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