Cam & Kelly and Sloan at Home

So we drove up to see the Rose Park Pipkin’s last night.

The weather was perfect and there was no traffic, it was great.
 When we arrived we found Kelly and little Sloany cuddled up on the couch with the bilirubin light. 
If you don’t know, or if you are interested, here is a link all about jaundice which is what this light is helping little sloan combat.
Kelly mentioned that the light was magical. It didn’t get super hot or anything, and sloan didn’t seem to mind. 
Unless he was trying to stretch. 
A little video of his amazing movement. 
The hardest part about the visit…MIRAH. She was going NUTS.
Here she is when we put her PJ’s from her Grammy on.

And baby sloan slept on. He is so sweet. 

Hugging mama!

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