Mirah, Mom’s Big Helper

The Fall is here!
I started pulling out my garden this afternoon. 
Look what we got!!
 I have so many tomatoes on the vine right now I just can’t pull them out until I absolutely have to. 
 I left my carrots in, and I don’t know when I will officially pull them all out. They are so cute, and they taste so sweet. I accidentally pulled a bunch out today when I will yanking a cucumber vine that wad totally entangled. 
 Mirah was having a grand old time playing out in the garden with me. 
 Yes, that is dirt on her face from eating freshly picked carrots. 
 Then she found the shovel…and had a ball digging around for a full half an hour.

 Hey, nothing is in the shovel!
 So much hair. She won’t keep a barrette in her hair, and Karl won’t let me cut bangs…so this is what I have. Still so cute.
 That is a raspberry stain on her little shorts. 

 She picked a tomato and had a little break while I started to sweep up, she wanted to help so she took the broom and carried it around for me.

 I have always LOVED tomatoes.  I would do this all the time as a kid. 
 Also, you may have noticed Mirah’s hair is getting curlier and longer these days. It looks a lot like my moms hair these days. There is a bit of red splashed in there. She looks a bit like Chelsea too. 
Perfect and cute either way.

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