Playing in Unexpected Puddles

So Mirah and I spent yesterday morning doing some chores. We went to the store, the library, we cleaned up out front from the storm the other night. We also needed to get our tent all cleaned up from camping. Karl had set it out over night to air out, and then the sprinklers came of and it got all wet again. I didn’t realize how full of water it was until I unzipped it. 
Ugh. I ran inside to get a towel. Mirah was of course with me out there, and I left her on the grass while I went inside. I came out to the sound of her slurping. She was drinking water out of the bottom of the tent! She was SOAKED. 
 She would also dip her face into the water. 

 Looking for more fun!
Here she is in action!
All this water drinking lead to a fresh set of cloths and a nice long nap.

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