Comic Con 2013

So we have been looking forward to Comic Con for months! We  bought our tickets months ago. Before they even hit 10,000 tickets sold.  Well, as of the day before the event, there were 35,000 tickets sold. Yikes. I’ll tell you that we were more than a little nervous about going. PLUS it is Salt Lakes first time holding this event. It’s not that we are agoraphobic or anything, it just we don’t like dealing with all of the stress that comes with HUGE crowds. I think that’s why we never went to a BYU football game. 
Anyway, I have been working on Mirah’s R2 Tutu costume off and on for weeks now. Krysta came over on Thursday night to help me get started on the tube top portion. She crocheted while I worked on the tutu. I finished as much as I wanted to get done on Friday afternoon. I will still be adding some details to the front before the wedding.
This is the picture that Caitlin sent me to see what she wanted Mirah to wear.

The above was knit, mine was crocheted. It is WAY better than mine is, or will be.  Also, like I said, I have a bunch more to do on the tube top.
But this is where we were on Friday.
From the back. 
In a chair.
The morning of the event arrived and everything was stacking against us to overturn all of our plans. First, my alarm didn’t go off. It is like that Seinfeld thing, I had it on PM, and not AM. Then this caused us to miss the train. We were expecting a lot of traffic, no parking, etc, but it was actually really great. We drove right up to the Salt Palace, and parked for free. 
Mirah having a pre-show carrot.
We picked up our registration then got in line. We had been in line for a while when Krysta and Zac arrived from the train. With….
I mean this costume was AMAZING, or WONDERFUL if you prefer.
Krysta made it all, from the tiara, 
To the boots.
to the lasso of truth!
Right down to a magnetic holster.
The girls.
It was really funny trying to explain to Karen about who Mirah was dressed up as. He parents still feel that Star Wars is a little adult for Karen, so we had a little bit of trouble. Karl tried, “Well, that movie Star Wars that your cousins like, but your mom won’t let you watch, yeah?” (Karen nods confusedly) “Right, well she is a little trashcan shaped robot from the movie.” Karen looks unimpressed.
Oh, yeah, and Zac arrived in his costume. Simon, from adventure time. 
We were in line for over an hour, but we didn’t mind. We had lots to keep ourselves busy with. Like posing for pictures.
During the show, people would see Krysta with Zac and Karen’s amazing costumes and ask why she didn’t dress up. She would say she was too busy making these costumes to make one fore herself. Once I heard her joke that she was dress as super mom! I liked that response the best because she really is a SUPER MOM. She is just so talented!
The line just kept getting longer and longer.
We took a break in the shade.

Oh the costumes though! They were so much fun!
I ran into my Cousins Jason and his husband Mike, after we had been inside a little while. I asked Mike what he was here to see. He said, “the costumes mostly.” He was totally justified in this desire because they were seriously amazing! 
For example this amazing Aang!
It was about 9:30 when the Whitmores were starting to wilt from hunger. So the girls went to go and get some food. We found a little restaurant across the street from the event that had to go sandwiches. It took a HALF AN HOUR for us to get them so that but the time we had food in hand we had to RACE to the doors to get in. If we had missed our spot in line (which we narrowly made, and only because there were nice people in line around us) it would have been another hour before we could have gotten in. 
We decided to go down row by row to check everything out. Our first stop was a little booth that had a guy giving away balloons.
He made Mirah a Unicorn, and Karen a lady bug. 
Mirah proceeded to slowly pop he balloon with her teeth. 
The first area we really spent much time in was artists row. 
We stopped and talked to an artisit named J.J. Harrison. Zac and Krysta met him once before at an event  the comic book store in Provo. The picture on top was inspired by something Karen asked him to draw that day, and now he is selling it. The bottom one is of Simon before he turns in to the ice king.
J.J. Harrison himself.
We bought something here too. 
Lemongrab Lincoln. 

Chelsea would have loved this. 
There were all kids of random mashups like this one from a Christmas Story and Donny Darco. 
Speaking of Random mashups, we got a picture with the cast of the Evil dead Musical!

The artists and vendors that were at the event ranged from fun and semi usful, like this fancy cake company. 
To this girl who was selling Fight Club bars of soap. 
(Cool Bemo Dress though, right?)
They had stations for people to sit and play games. Karl thought that this Pokemon gaming station looked fun. 
Then there were stations that I didn’t really know what they were selling, but for some reason the Soup Nazi was there selling $20 signed ladles. 

This girl who painted over old painting was here. We had seen her at the SLC farmers market and she had added several never painting to her collection. Like this Shark-nado one. 

Tee shirts for sail by the thousands. This artist has contributed lots to Tee Fury. 

This one from Avatar cracks me up. It is a Captan Planet reference too. 
Impressive special effect companies.
Star Wars themed comedy art.

Then there were the costumes. Oh the costumes!
This amazilnly made Dalek costume. 
The Tardis!!

I met Jayne.

OMG, Link.

GLados, Wheatly, and Shel

This guy! He made himself into a centaur. As the wheels moved, the legs rotated up and down.  

Dr. Horrible!
Link and Zelda became a family. 
Then of course there were the adventure time costumes. 
Zac found himself a Marceline. 
And a finn.
Then another Finn, and a BEMO, and a lady Raninicorn with her friend in Pajamas. 
Then this family who came dressed together. 
Then another Simon, complete with a little Marcy and Finn. This group was also a fun family.
Krysta and I even met this radical Princess Bubble Gum, dressed as a scientist!

There was a gang of Avengers!
I met a Bolin, my second favorite character from my first favorite show, The Legend of Korra. (complete with a fire ferret pabo.)
Speaking of Korra, we ran into Aman, while trying to find Pat Bagely, who BTW was a no show 🙁 He was the only artisit that I came to the Con looking for. He does a lot of LDS illistration inculding some of my favorite books from my childhood,  the I Spy a Nephite series. 
Then the whole Avatar gang!
Tofh, Mako, Bolin again, Zuko, Aang, and some other dude. 
A GREAT Princess Peach and Mario.
These kids. Yeah, thats a baby Jedi in an X-wing (Sp). 
AND this girl, dress as Leah, with her own walking talking R2D2.
We were having a blast, but we did bring kids with us which makes the whole thing a little complicated. Mirah was conking out around 11. 
Karen was getting a little grumpy too. As the day went on the crowds got more and more oppressive. 
Mirah was thankfully able to sleep in her stroller.
Unfortunately she was asleep when we met her counter part. 
Karen did get sick of the wig, and so her mom fixed her up with out it.
There were lots of Celebrities too. Can you see Adam West?
Right after Karl got this picture someone came and yelled at him. 
So many people. 
Weta had a booth there too, and I couldn’t resist a peak. 

William Kircher was there. He plays Bifur, one of the dwarves. 

I went into the crowded area on my own because no one else was interested. 
Ha Ha, I wish.

Taking a breather from the main floor we found this group of Storm Troupers!

Soon after this picture was taken they all came and paraded down among us. 
Slave Leah.
This guy.
These guys.

Boba Fett. 
Zac holding a Beer.
Ok, this one comes with a story. The guy ahead of him in line for the ATM had beer, and needed someone to hold it for him. I love Krysta’s photo bomb.
The last thing we did before we left was some shopping. 
We bought a bunch of buttons.
Mirah was kind of loosing it by the end. I think she was hiding under the Magazine. 
Ghostbuster Mobile!
It belonged to a group inside. The Ghost Busters Musical group, I think.
We walked to our car accoss the street, dropped the Whitmores at the station, and headed home. 
The event was so much fun. So glad we went!

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