Art in the Park with Karen

We went to the neighborhood art center’s weekly event, Art in the Park. This week it was at the Paul Ream Wilderness Park.

IMG_1873.JPG IMG_1874.JPG

It was in the WAY back of corner of the part.


You can always count on them to have a crazy activity to do. Like hammering nails into a board. Lucas actually loved it.

IMG_1879.JPG IMG_1882.JPG IMG_1877.JPG

There was a home made ribbon dancer/ wand area. You went into the woods, found a stick, and wrapped it in ribbon.

IMG_1884.JPG IMG_1886.JPG IMG_1888.JPG

Lucas really got into the water colors today.

IMG_1890.JPG IMG_1893.JPG

I was really proud of him. He has really started to identify as an artist.

IMG_1896.JPG IMG_1898.JPG


IMG_1906.JPG IMG_1901.JPG
IMG_1903.JPG IMG_1904.JPG

After the park, we stopped by Krysta’s place to see if Bruce was doing alright.

IMG_1907.JPG IMG_1909.JPG
IMG_1908.JPG IMG_1910.JPG

Changed his water, then back tot he house.

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