Farewell and Pizza

It was Friday night. Maryn was leaving to be with her SLC family the next day, and so we were doing her simple farewell dinner. She got Costco pizza, a salad, and chips.

IMG_1915.JPG IMG_1916.JPG IMG_1917.JPG

It was at mom and dad’s place. Cam, Krystin, and all the kids were there too.

IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1920.JPG IMG_1921.JPG

Kids at the table, everyone everywhere else. (Yes, Maryn was at the table, I stand by my statement.)

IMG_1922.JPG IMG_1923.JPG
IMG_1924.JPG IMG_1925.JPG
IMG_1926.JPG IMG_1927.JPG


Maryn went to Mexico, and came back with a little hat for each of the kids.

IMG_1928.JPG IMG_1929.JPG
IMG_1930.JPG IMG_1931.JPG
IMG_1933.JPG IMG_1932.JPG

They didn’t mind that the basement was dusty and cold, they were just happy to play.

IMG_1934.JPG IMG_1935.JPG

It was nearly 9:00 when we left. It had been a rainy evening, and the sunset was beautiful.

IMG_1937.JPG IMG_1938.JPG
IMG_1939.JPG IMG_1936.JPG

We said our final goodbyes.

IMG_1942.JPG IMG_1943.JPG
IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1946.JPG





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