Malia’s Farewell Breakfast

So it has been a really nice time with Malia these past few weeks. It has been really great to hang out. Malia was heading out, with a quick stop in logan to do a half marathon (which she ran the whole way like a boss) so we thought we would take her out to breakfast at Joe’s to say goodbye. 
Mirah was very excited about it especially because it is the home of one of her favorite things…Joe’s Grits. She had to unfortunately wait for them to cool down then she ate them quickly with out any help from anyone. YUM!

Malia got the Biscuits and gravy. We had never had them before and there was no surprise that they were excellent! 
Karl got the Omelet. He took the day off of work to be with us, and get ready to take the weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. 
I loved my breakfast. 
After a fun breakfast, we walked back to the car, and it just reminded me that Mirah is getting so big. She is doing a great job at holding her dad’s hand. 
One of the Hite kids. 
Then a few of Mirah and Malia loving each other. 
Love you Malia! Excited to be together again!

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