Weekend Away

So it was the weekend before we would celebrate out 7th anniversary, and we were able to acquire the services of the lovely Krysta Whitmore to take care of our little girl. Krysta is the first non-NICU overnight care taker we have ever left Mirah with. This is the first time she has not woken up to us since the hospital and I was really nervous. 
Our plan: A night and a day away in Park City. We scored a couple of all day passes at Costco and headed out after work on Friday. Friday night we ate at this really cool Italian fire wood Restaurant called Vinto’s. We had an amazing bruschetta, chicken pesto fettuccine, and two types of  wood fire pizza in preparation for our wedding diets. For dessert we went out to this great ice cream place called Java Cow. Ahh chocolate dipped waffle cones, I love thee. We swam in the pool, enjoyed the jacuzzi and slept  through the night with out having to get up with a baby once. 🙂

However, the first thing when I woke up, at 6:45 AM, I sent Krysta another text. Reminding her about the stairs…I was neurotic. It was really hard for me to be away from Mirah.

After being unable to find breakfast we headed to the resort. 

We were the first people on the coaster that morning. 
I LOVE this thing. 
Buckle Up, It’s the Law.
Hiya Buddy!
Back on around…this time we got on one cart together. The guy told us to try it, more weight, the faster you go!

It was CRAZY fast. 
Third time was the charm! As squished as we were on that cart, it really was so crazy fast. Going again on my own seemed so slow. 
Next, on the list…
Up on the lift. 
On to the Alpine slides!

It was about 11:30, and we were staved. So we split a shake..
Fries and a burger. 
Then on to the zipline!
I started to get really nervous.
Then excited and then nervous again. 
Karl was jet hot.

The seats came up.
You get in.
Then they open the gate and you drop.
The day was so beautiful. We were having a ball.
Karl only got a little stuck at the bottom.
Then we took the fast lift up the mountain. 
The views were AMAZING.
It was quite windy and we actually were getting pretty cold. 
On top of the mountain.
Back down was even more beautiful. 

We have had dinner/ or lunch at this place every other time we have been to Park City. 
We stopped by and got a couple of match boxes to remember those days, but stopped by the Loco Lizard instead. It was so good. 
Then back down to Utah Valley, with a lovely view of the back of Timp.

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