Camp Out Fishing Trip

We like to try and go camping once a year, and this year…we wimped out a little. We had a backyard campout, and a s’more’s cookout.

As the Whitmore’s arrived, I was trying to see how Mirah and Luke looked next to each other. I mean, I think that they look related.

IMG_2236.JPG IMG_2237.JPG IMG_2238.JPG IMG_2239.JPG
IMG_2240.JPG IMG_2241.JPG IMG_2242.JPG IMG_2243.JPG

Now these two, they look like sisters.

IMG_2244.JPG IMG_2245.JPG

Karl was running late, again, and the Whitmore’s passed out.


We got dinner at Red Fuego.


After dinner the kids played outback with the water. As it started getting dark we started a fire in the pit outback, and began our marshmallow roast.

IMG_2251.JPG IMG_2255.JPG


IMG_2256.JPG IMG_2257.JPG

Krysta had a bunch of left over supplies from girls camp, and they did not go to waste!

IMG_2258.JPG IMG_2259.JPG
IMG_2261.JPG IMG_2265.JPG

Malia was there too. She was having a nice chill.


Krysta and the kids got the tent and sleeping bags all set up out back.

IMG_2250.JPG IMG_2253.JPG

This is them waking up in the morning. At the moment the sun was coming up, they were all awake. none of them slept very well.

IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2371.JPG

Neither did I. 🙁 I was so anxious about them out back I slept with the window open so I could hear any sound. Every little peep woke me up, and even though my alarm was supposed to wake me up at 6, I was awake around 4.

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