Pool Time

We had so many camps, and so many trips this summer, we really haven’t been to the pool!

So me and the kids packed up and headed over to the Scera pool.



I brought my camera bag and was able to get some cute shots of us together playing in the water.

IMG_2211.JPG IMG_2212.JPG
IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2214.JPG

I was in there in my glasses.



IMG_2216.JPG IMG_2217.JPG

We had a really fun time. We got stuck under the water fall mushroom.


IMG_2219.JPG IMG_2220.JPG
IMG_2221.JPG IMG_2222.JPG
IMG_2223.JPG IMG_2224.JPG

Me and my boy.


After a long swim, we got dressed and visited Grandma and Grandpa who were in town that week doing some moving and work, getting ready for their official move. You see- DAD RETIRED!!! Very quickly and simply and quietly.

IMG_2232.JPG IMG_2233.JPG

And he wanted to be here with the kids. I think. But mostly working on house stuff.

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