Mirah is amazing, beautiful, perfect. The best baby I ever had knew. 
I will start this post with a guessing game: What is on Mirah’s face?
This age is amazing. So much discovery, Mirah finding her independence. She has been trying to drop one of her naps, and it has made things interesting over the past week or two. She finally went down later than usual. I had one thing little bit of work to do downstairs and then I was going to take a little nap. It had been about 25 minutes. Her monitor was upstairs, and she usually will stay asleep for hours in the afternoon…then I heard the screams. 

 They were not the ordinary, I’m board get me out of here screams. These were sharp, and loud, and upset. I ran upstairs and the smell that hit me in the face as I entered the room was an extra stong version of a familiar smell… 
 It was poop.
 Smeared everywhere. In her hair, on her face covering her hands and arms. On her dress and between her toes. She must have done her business right after I put her down, then it started to bug her, and since I didn’t have the monitor…Ugh. Straight into bath she went. We did a rinse, pulled her out while I rinsed out the tub, the a prober bath with a hair scrub and extra time to soak in there and get the smell off of her. Something I never considered before was the damage such an event would do on my, my clothes and hair. Ugh. 
 An hour later…
 All smiles, clean, linens changed, crib wiped down and sanitized, all of our clothes in the wash and round two on trying to get her down for a nap…
 Cute and tired. 
I love being a mom. I imagined that I would have things happen like this I would get frustrated and upset. Really that wasn’t the case. I moved into action mode. I was mostly sad for Mirah, and then I just kept laughing. I am hoping that this is a sign that she is getting ready to start potty training soon…I know she is only 15 months…maybe in another few months. 
Hey, I can dream can’t I?

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