Out on a School Night, Polyphonic Spree!!

For Karl’s birthday, Karl’s dad bought us all tickets to go see Polyphonic Spree at The State Room in Salt Lake.
The kids were with sitters, and we were off.

Nick and Betsy.

The venue.

 There were three openers.
The O’s
 A two man duo whose sound was somewhere between the eagles, willie nelson if played as a one man band. 

 They played with a base drum and a tambourine. I seriously loved them. I met the band, I bought a CD. It was seriously awesome. For me, the best part of the night. 

The next band was terrible, pandering, and totally forgettable. 
The only thing that was memorable was the TERRIBLE sound check. 
There was one moment that every member had a finger up. Betsy said their name should be the Up Downs. 
Plus the lead singer, who was TOTALLY wasted during the set had a roady in dorky shorts in black socks and boat shoes tune his guitar. The were terrible and terribly fun to make fun of. 
Magic Cyclops was third up.
He looks like Chris Angel on purpose. 
 He told jokes and sang songs. It was pretty fun. 
His songs include such hits as, “Teen Pregnancy, Don’t do it” and a cover of Cracklin’ Roses sung out of breath and off key.

Then for the main even.
A big white screen came across the stage. And the lead singer wrote Magic Cyclops across it as the band started to play.
 The big reveal.
 22 Members in all. 
 Light shows and horns, there was even a harp.
 4 dancing girls. 
 Well performed and produced music.
 Good times. 
Thanks dad for the good times and the tickets!

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