Space Garden

The day finally arrived! The premiere of Nick’s Master’s Thesis Project:

You may remember that we helped produce this little project.

It was a Friday night and so we went out to dinner before the show.
Here is Mirah, all dress up for the occasion.

We had Chinese for the first time in MONTHS, and it was amazing.
We got Mirah a side of Pork Fried Rice, and she was pretty determined to eat it on her own. 
With Karl’s help, they decided to hold the event at Qualtrics. It was the perfect place for the event and I want to take this moment to make a shout out the Qualtrics. They are an awesome company. Always so generous and…cool! They have been great to our family over the years, and were super cool to allow us to use them for this event. 
Mirah loves to run around and play. Too many great hiding places. 
A terrible picture of me. Still, the only one of me from the night, proving that I really was there.

Betsy and Nick brought the candy! 
Everyone was there!
Jon and Rachel!
Carter, Megan & Jack.

Krysta and Zac doing an Anti pose. Karen looking amazing.
Malia, looking amazing.
Corrine and Paul with there cute little kids!

Nitsy’s Friends. Fun family.
Twins, I forget their names… 😉
My cute family!
The family of the hour!
There was a big screen, lots of popcorn, and good times. Everyone loved the movie.
We did an impromptu Q&A with Nick afterward which was really informative.
We watched a couple other shorts that Nick worked on afterwards.
Good times were had by all, two thumbs WAY UP!
Congratulations Nick! You did it! 

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