Eating What You Can Get

Mirah is my favorite baby. She is smart, and beautiful, and sweet tempered. She is also curious, quick, and eternally hungry. The fact that she is now going through a growth spurt has truly amplified her eternal hunger. Combined that with her current curiosity I basically have a kid with Prader Willi’s Syndrome.

Exhibit A.
We are working on sitting her at her little table and using crayons. We give her a little clip board with scratch paper and practice coloring. She calls the crayons “colors” which is funny because I never call them that. I don’t know where she got that.  Anyway, she really does great except when she doesn’t. She colors for about 15 minutes and then she just wants to eat her crayons. This particular incident ended in a very blue poopie diaper. 
The Whitmore’s were over, and Krysta helped me clean her face. The problem always comes when you need to clean out her mouth. She really fights you.
Wait for it…
THEN the other day I left a frozen soda on the piano, and it started to run down onto the floor without my knowledge. Mirah however notices. Next thing I knew I find Mirah slurping something off of the floor. She kept going “slurp, slurp,” then would sit up and say “awe,” then bend back over for more. It didn’t click what she was doing at first until I saw the soda I had left there. How did she know what it was? Why did she do it? We got her some milk after that. 
Mostly these days we are just trying to channel her hunger towards non crayons and soda. (It was a caffeine free soda btw.)
I love her. I love that she is hungry all the time. It’s great to be a mom and to have these little adventures with her all of the time.

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